Are you sick of trying different things that don’t work? Or, have you tried and given up before even giving yourself a chance?
There’s a true old saying that I love;
‘A winner is someone who gets knocked down 7 times...and gets up 8.’

There’s a few cliché’s kicking around regarding ‘giving up’, ‘failure’, ‘persistence’ etc. As an example, “A winner never quits...a quitter never wins”, “Failure is feedback”.
It’s true. Persistence is the key to your success in anything.

You could have the greatest product in the world, the greatest service in the world, all the knowledge needed to make your goal happen. However, what will you do when things DON'T go to plan, or something goes wrong?

What happens if you don't have persistence? Well, to NOT persist is to give up, admit defeat, it then becomes failure.

You only fail when you throw in the towel. Persistence is the one and only ingredient that'll take you to success in ANY endeavor.

Zig Ziglar talks about 'Priming The Pump'. He talks about the old water pumps that used to be used by hand.
Too many people give up because there's no water coming out... and what happens?.....they go thirsty.

If only they'd put in those extra 2 pumps, they could drink and bathe for a lifetime.

You have to adopt a ‘Stick With It’ attitude.
I don’t mean keep bashing away at something that’s not working…no…no!

If something’s not working for you and you’ve tried several times….leave it. It simply means that this is not for you. It does NOT make you a failure…no way!!

But, persist towards your goal, your purpose in life. Keep the final image of achievement in mind. You’ll be shown another way for getting you there.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’ towards your goal….NO MATTER WHAT!
The ‘How To’ of a goal is the easy part.

Finding out how to achieve something and following the steps can be simple. What happens most of the time is that people give up too easily.

The first ‘set back’ or the first sign of things not going to plan and most people subconsciously find something to distract themselves, usually abandoning their current project and jumping on the ‘Next Big Thing’.

Get your goal clear in your mind, know what you want, be specific, take action and NEVER...EVER...EVER...EVER...EVER give in...EVER.

Go out and create the life and lifestyle you and your family deserve. The ‘How To’ is there for the taking.
Keep on keeping on, even in your darkest times and success WILL be yours. That…. I can guarantee.

Health, Wealth and Happiness...always

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