Most of us, in a lifetime, cherish a dream that we know can take us really far in life. We have all been blessed with some sort of talent; all we need to do is discover it and turn it into our profession.

The most important step we can take towards achieving that goal is taking action! But unfortunately, even when the first move is made, we do not go through with it the whole way simply because we lack the quality of perseverance.

We may have heard about perseverance being the key to success a hundred times before, but never really stepped back to think what it actually means and how it is relevant to our lives. Most of us tend to get bogged down by little failures and just give up on dreams that may have been long cherished.

The Stepping Stones.

It is easy to get discouraged during times of difficulties. We may feel hollow and empty, and may even think that there is no purpose in life when a challenging situation comes along.

The shame of a single failure becomes so huge in our minds that we are not even ready to take a “re-look” at things. We just quit saying that it was not meant to be! But we tend to forget that failure indeed is the only stepping stone to success.

When pursuing our dreams, we have to do it the old fashioned way! We have to carry on despite the many obstacles that are likely to present itself. When these obstacles come up in form of little failures, we can't afford to give up!

We are not talking about sticking to a path that we know will lead to sure shot failure (that's stupidity!), but a path that we think will lead us to the fulfilment of our dreams. It’s all about having the right attitude.

If we make a decision to stay focussed on our dreams no matter what, we will see that even the most devastating failures will seem insignificant. It's about having our goal in sight at all times.

Giving into despair will do us no good, as all we will do is feel sorry for ourselves and wallow in self pity. On the other hand, if we accept our failures as the stepping stones and learn from them, we will be successful in our endeavours sooner than later!

Mostly all the successful people that the whole world knows about today have met with failure, not once but numerous times till success has come knocking on their door.

Failures Behind Many Greats.

Did you know that the man who gave us the immortal cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, was fired by a newspaper editor because he felt that Walt Disney lacked imagination? When he decided to start his own animation company, he was turned down 302 times; but it did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. And Disney was not alone.

In more recent times, JK Rowling (bestselling author and the creator of Harry Potter), was penniless and the manuscript that she had written was rejected as many as twelve times. But she chose not to give up. She kept pursuing publishers till Bloomsbury decided to publish her first book, and the rest as they say is history!

A kind publisher once told Rowling that she should consider getting a day job because there was no future in children’s books. Little did he know then that Rowling would become even richer than the Queen of England someday!

So as you see, failures will come our way. Many small and big failures. But if we give up, we will not only end up feeling deprived, but will also deprive the world of something truly beautiful!

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