The 26,000 year Tzolkin recycles in 2012. There are some personal connections to that within a past life regression I did in 1989. I’ve been open to these things but always had a skeptical eye open just to keep observant and a bit cautious of getting lost in it all. After all, we do live in the here and now, although there are some curious connections to our soul path at least. If you are open to those kinds of things, that is.

For a time I studied with a group that used William Swygaard's methods for regression into past lives. This particular technique was called Multi-level Awareness in his book (published in 1957). It uses a facilitator and specific process to access time lines, akashic records, spirit guides, chakra balancing, and some other nifty things. I had been contemplating past lives for some years and recall that I did request to know what was important for my own progress here now.

Several years later, I found myself in a conducive atmosphere, with people I trusted and a method that left the experience totally up to me. I had witnessed several others journeys so I was comfortable with the process. We simply asked to view the most important lifetime to this present one. The rest I shall describe in hopes it may help you in your quest.

I'll leave out the preparation and prayer before moving into the actual experience. The time became approximately 26,000 years ago. As I waited for the scenery to evolve on my internal video screen, my mind was inactive and observant. The first scene I witnessed was looking through the eyes of one clad in a tunic, leather breastplate, and leather sandals that wrapped up my calves to just below my knees.

There was a large group of people around me; I'm not sure just how many as there were approximately 20 or so in my immediate sight. I recognized my current son striding alongside me as a teenager also, only shorter than he is now. I could look down into his eyes. My son now is nearly 6 inches taller than me. He has his own path that is a challenge for him to walk now.

We were walking into a huge valley that was many miles wide, thick with vegetation, surrounded by a mountain range that was not to overwhelmingly high. It was evident that there was plenty of water, plants, trees and other natural resources.

The next scene was one of celebration. We had built an entire community, with many large flat-topped pyramids. This seemed to be a festival honoring our accomplishment as it was full of joy and song, with children actively engaged in games with each other. The celebration was focused around a large platform, with steps around its four sides that led down into a wide area of play, dance and activity all around it. Years later when I saw depictions of Mayan court grounds, they looked very similar.

The other side was steeped in steps as well, with families spread about as throughout. In the center, toward one side of the platform, I sat in a huge chair smiling from ear to ear, with many playing joyfully around me as well.
It was quite the feeling of accomplishment, humility, and unconditional love for everyone and everything. The chair reminded me of Lily Tomlin's big rocker, dwarfing my body to some degree. It was a work of the most ornate carving that I have seen.

The next scene came swiftly and I found myself on board a ship, or at least it seemed like it, because there was a 'bridge' in front of me. I was walking up to a meter-high smoky quartz looking obelisk that had an angled surface, about 20-30 degrees toward me. I placed my hands above it slightly and a screen appeared on the other side of the room. It nearly filled the entire wall.

On this screen was the face of one whom I felt was my father. I don't know exactly where he was, although my sense was far, far away. I could have been wrong. What he said was of immediate importance, though. He told me there was going to be a huge tidal wave come through the area and that time was of the utmost importance now. We had to evacuate everyone, immediately. I told him I understood and thanked him for letting me know. He again stressed the importance of immediate action.

The next scene was one of a seemingly chaotic darting about of many small ships, moving about from place to place. I watched for a few moments as the evacuation was being carried out with focus and precision. Then, almost instantly as the last of the ships left I witnessed a wall of water that looked to be at least a mile high, come crashing through the entire area. I felt a bit of sadness even though I knew that everyone had been accounted for and was safe. I felt relieved and instantly went to the next scene.

I watched as a man lying in a chase lounge chair of sorts became apparent. He was accompanied by a young woman holding a palm branch, waving it gently over him. They were atop a small flat-topped pyramid that had been constructed in a cave that had water in front of it, like a lake or an ocean. He looked nearly the same physically.

His eyes were tired though. As I moved closer I became him, seeing through his eyes now. They closed and the sky opened. I could see five points of light, like an inverted pyramid, directly in front of me yet a long way off. I began to feel movement toward them. It increased as I came closer until I went into the center point, some distance beyond the four corners. I had transcended.

When I returned I was still curious as to its reality for several weeks. I lived next to the Phoenix North Mountain Preserve at the time, with a trail right off our property that led to some beautiful views of the Valley. On the next full moon, I decided to take a hike up to the butte that was about a mile away from our house.

I stepped over the fence and proceeded up the path. About two-thirds the way there I paused and turned around to look back into downtown Phoenix for some reason. What I saw was the same mountainous outline I'd witnessed in the past life regression. It was so eerie.

Many of these experiences I kept to myself. I learned early on that talking about things didn't always get the results that I hoped. Although they sound real neat, people often remain distant from those in such experiential paths.

However, a few months later I was with a good friend and her son in Sedona. She also has a doctorate in parapsychology so at least there was a certain openness she had to a variety of experiences, including her own as a practicing psychic. We were in Sedona to promote a project, although we took some time to visit a favorite site - a huge medicine wheel at the entrance to one of the canyons.

The three of us (her son was about 12 or 13 at the time) hiked to the medicine wheel, where I asked her to sit in the east and him in the south. I was impressed to sit in the center and begin with prayers and acknowledgments of ancestors, guides, and spiritual leaders.

As I spoke I went deeper into the 'presence' within each of us. It was an overcast day (rare enough in the desert) and the weather intensified as I spoke. Soon there was lightning, thunder, and rain that seemed eerily synchronistic to my spoken prayers. It was quite awesome in the moment.

Afterward my friend said that she saw some really bizarre imagery as I was offering the prayers and asked me if I would like to know what they were. Always curious about correlations and confirmations I invited her to expound.

The most significant imagery involved witnessing me standing on a large rock just a short distance down a small hill where a craft had landed. The craft itself was about a hundred meters in diameter and a line of folks that were boarding came down the hill and past where I was standing. She said it appeared as though I was part of the pickup process, standing there in a long robe with a staff in hand. This seemed a bit too close to the recent viewing during my multi-level experience.

Because of her abilities, as I got to know her, she was able to connect to other beings/entities that apparently were very close to me as well. There were several occasions when she would begin speaking to me as though 'others' needed to make sure I was aware and paying attention to the events and processes in my life at the time. I have to say that it was indeed a blessing for me to have her in my life as a caring and reflective partner.

The period of reconnection to my spiritual path, after my divorce and separation from the corporate world, was pretty intense with the variety of experiences that were presented to me. I've learned that the timing of things isn't always when you expect. There can be years of drought that are replaced by an over abundance of stimuli in a matter of days.

Speaking of floods, the Dresden calendar’s last page shows what has been called a ‘flood scene’ only because the serpent creature is apparently spewing water on humanity. But, the dark clad one in the bottom of the scene appears to be holding two arrows being delivered by the end of the water stream.

On top of this dark clad one’s head is a bird, much like the Phoenix. It could be seen as a Kachina as well, on bended knee with a sword in its other hand. There is another more ceremonial dressed human above holding what appears to be a jar and water is descending on its hips. On its head is what also looks like a smaller serpent/snake.

Now here’s an interesting twist. Ever hear of the Kumaras? They are also known as Naga, Amaru, Jedhi and Quetzcoatl… androgynous serpents. These androgynous serpents are said to carry celestial wisdom that is delivered to humans who have reached a certain level of understanding.

I remember reading something about them removing the solar disc (codex) before the end of the last galactic year and returning it to somewhere in Peru in preparation for the next age of enlightenment.

At the end of the day and in every way, the challenge is to be here now. To live fully in the present with as deep a listening as possible, to the word revealed through our hearts. All of this exploration of body, mind, spirit and soul leads back to the kingdom within that connects to the cosmos.

All That Is shining through us as celestial beings in human form ready to embrace our own planetary evolution as conscious participants.

Answers are everywhere when we ask the questions. Could we just see them a little clearer, please? What is truth? Right now it seems to be just a matter of opinions. I have offered some of mine. May your journey be filled with joy and love.

In service with serendipity I am...
the rest is up to your discretion.
Rev. Zen Benefiel

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