When I was in college, I knew a guy - we'll call him Robert - who was obsessed with the Denver Broncos. That's all Robert ever talked about. Now, perhaps I think Robert was obsessed because I don't really follow sports, and perhaps he wasn't any more obsessed than any other Bronco fan.

Robert also had a huge interest in video production, which was his major. The last time I bumped into Robert, he ended up getting a job as a camera operator at Invesco Field at Mile High. He happened to be covered in Bronco clothing from head to toe, literally, which, he informed me, he received mostly for free, or at a huge discount as part of his job.

Robert made a modest income, but you'd think you were talking to someone who won the lottery of all lotteries. In his mind, Robert landed his dream job. In his mind, it was not money that mattered to him. What mattered to Robert was that he was doing what he loved.

Success is subjective. Success is not necessarily about being an entrepreneur, or making a million dollars, or being a CEO. Being successful simply means you've accomplished the goals you set out to accomplish in life. Another way to say it is that you are doing what you are passionate about. By my definition, Robert is a success story, and his passion for the Broncos and video production was his fuel for success.

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