In the back of China after eight years, we hope to use a Google have censored search products and news application declared them back China market. The code-named " Dragonfly " is planned from August this year to be Intercept exposed after it suffered politicians , freedom of speech advocacy groups , former employees attack and other liberals, last week, Google employees also initiated an open letter , he asked Google to abandon the plan. However, Google is not one-sided inside, but there are also employees who support the program. An open letter to support the program inside Google has been signed by 500 employees.

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TechCrunch got the letter through Google employees. The main appeal of supporters is that Google's mission is to "integrate global information so that everyone can access and benefit from it." China should also be part of it.

This view is idealized. The letter also recognizes that is a "tough product" and may "finally do more harm than good." However, if you simply give up, you may miss an opportunity to try “a workaround that may be suitable for China."

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This letter is different from the above-mentioned joint opposition plan in Medium. The former did not pay. Given Sandahl · Pichardo Iraq will be Google CEO facing Congress this week, there was speculation that the letter might be inspired from management. However, according to TechCrunch, this letter was submitted anonymously by Google employees using an internal system.

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It’s not surprising that Google’s employees who support China’s entry are not surprising. After all, Google has 85,000 employees, each of whom has their own opinions and opinions , but as far as the plan is concerned, it’s hard to think of Google’s development besides money-driven. Such a tool. Going forward, Google is a large company. In small companies, 500 people may be statistically significant, but in Google, 500 people only account for more than five-thousandths of the total employees. In such a large company, any kind of opinion may collect a considerable amount of signatures and support. The most important thing is to remember that this is not necessarily universal.

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Google search is still the most important business, while China is the world's smartphone users , applications consume the largest market sector and so on. After exiting China in 2010, there was almost no economic intersection between the search giant and the golden age of China Mobile Internet development.

Unlike other disputes in Silicon Valley, the US ruling and opposition parties have basically the same attitude toward the Google project. In addition, it is hard to find US Vice President Burns and left-wing free-speech advocacy groups issue can agree on the.

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This letter may come from Google Chinese engineers with good intentions and principles, but the real question is what the people who initiated the plan think, what their intentions are. Moreover, there are many uncertainties on this issue.

Some former Google Asian employees told TechCrunch that they did not believe that Google management understood the importance of returning to China. This is a tough question, and the internal letter of 500 people has not provided a convincingly different answer. However, it does show that some people in Google still believe that the company is focused on doing good deeds. This is also the Google Silicon Valley counterparts (Yes, that's you, Facebook ), as well as Google's own need to face the moral test .

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The following is the full text of the Support Program:

The plan is also the mission of Google.

Dear Google colleagues:

The program is designed to bring Google's search service back to China and has been controversial since it was disclosed by the media. Some people support it, because dragonfly program can bring benefits to Chinese users; some people oppose it, for fear that Google will bow to Chinese government censorship and regulatory requirements. Some people equated it with Google and the Pentagon's AI project Maven, and even resigned to protest.

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We know that Google employees Diversity: We have different backgrounds and values, and therefore may concern dragonfly plan different aspects and have different expectations. Nevertheless, we believe that dragonflies plan needs to proceed, it would be helpful to all Google employees.

The plan is exactly the same as Google's mission. China is the country with the largest number of Internet users in the world. However, most of Google's services are not available in China. This situation contradicts our mission to "integrate global information so that everyone can access and benefit from it." We have had some success before, but we should continue to work hard to bring more Google products and services (including search) to Chinese users.

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The plan still faces many difficulties and uncertainties, which can only be solved through continuous efforts. The regulatory requirements set by the Chinese government (such as censorship) make the plan a tricky project. If we are not careful enough, then the project may end up doing more harm than good. In any case, only by continuing to plan, we can know what is possible for China's workarounds and find a way to benefit both Chinese users and Google. Even if we fail, the whole process of trial will become a reference for future products to enter China.

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The plan has good motivation and challenges. We believe that Google should not stop, which is good for Google and the majority of Chinese users.

We hereby hope that you will sign and support your plan to continue.

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