The youth of the present era have rewritten the age-old saying of “Jack of all trades, master of none.” The current times belong to those who are masters of many trades. One can easily find many examples of such little geniuses or self-taught child prodigies around us, like the youngest Ph.D. holder, youngest IAS officer, youngest graduate, and many more.

What do you think it is that is actually aiding the kids to expand their knowledge base and turn wise in the real sense of the term? Well, there are several principle ‘factors’ contributing to the rising of such worldly-wise children in recent times. And we, at JP International School, one of the best schools in Greater Noida, have jotted down some of such aspects below:

  1. Far-Reaching Education

The education sector of India has seen a rapid and expeditious change in the past tri-decade. Education has reached the poor, the differently-abled, the backward sections of our society, and has touched the farthest corner of the country as well. Ages ago, it wasn’t granted much importance. However, human horizons changed dramatically over the period, and the masses started believing firmly in the benefits that education could bestow on us.

  1. Acclivity in Technology

There is no arguing the fact that today we are more advanced technologically than ever before! And like many realms of life, this evolution has entirely transformed the education sector as well. The presence of the Internet, computers, e-white boards, audio-video screens in schools, etc., list of schools in greater noida have revolutionized the learning methodologies to a huge extent.

  1. Best Friend Forever – Books

When it comes to books, the saying ‘old is gold’ still weighs the same. The world of books has always showcased infinite times that books are not only a man’s best friend but also a great guide as well. Any ardent learner would acknowledge the amount of substantial information a book can supply.

Now, when we have accessed the aspects impacting the frames of mind of our children, let us, the team of JP International School, Greater Noida, use this opportunity to put forth certain ‘recommendations or cues’ for the respectable parents of our pupils, which could assist them in the creation of worldly-wise, street-smart children:

  1. Unlocking the World of Books

Inculcating the habit of reading from the initial stage of childhood works wonders in stimulating their love for books. The more they explore this massive world of books, the deeper their interest gets in turning into lifelong learners. This helps a lot in making the kids better informed and aware.

  1. Following the Achiever Counterparts

The generation ‘Z’ of today identifies and recognizes the achievers of varied fields and platforms from every nook and corner of the world. They study their journey. They follow them. And this passes on a sense of motivation to these children who, as a result, work really hard to reach up to the equivalent levels of success.

  1. Internet – A Boon

The power of the Internet is unimaginable! Be it any sphere of life, the internet can prove to be a powerful tool for attaining a vast pool of info with just a click. Thus we, at JP International School, would suggest the respectable parents of our students to help the kids explore this incredibly significant tool of learning as it would be a great aid for them in learning about a lot of new things that probably even we aren’t aware of.

  1. Understanding and Accessing Unconventional Career Domains

Careers today are not just restricted to the so-called typical major subjects such as Mathematics or Science. The world has witnessed the opening of infinite vocational career streams for the youth within the past two decades. Few of such hot careers these days are Photography, Fashion Designing, Event Management, Wardrobe Consultants, and more. The options available for the youth of today are endless. We, at JP International School, a renowned school in Greater Noida, would hence request the parents to let their wards explore, choose, and decide these available possibilities.

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Conclusively, we would just say that yes, raising a child is definitely a herculean task in itself, but if we could raise kids who contribute wisely to the society in future, then, dear parents, that hard work is worth a try!