Pakistan is the land of opportunities for everyone but it has something unique to offer to the UAE investors and traders. The foreign investors can benefit from the facilities such as Foreign Direct Investment and Joint Ventures in numerous infrastructure and development projects such as power generation, agriculture related industries and also in Pakistan Real Estate sector. Despite all the odds, the fact remains that the geo-strategic location Pakistan make it the gateway for Fareast and central Asia and thus offers huge investment opportunities for the investors. The mentioned and many other factors combine to make Pakistan very fertile for business, trade and investment for the foreigners.
After the US and UK, UAE is one of the biggest investors in Pakistan real estate and certain other development projects. According to the statistics maintained by concerned bodies in Pakistan, the UAE public and private sectors made an investment of $3.74 billion during 2004 to 2010. Recently, the UAE president also launched a project of infrastructural development and real estate rehabilitation. The total worth of this project is $100 million. It has already commenced in January 2011. This project is specific for the flood-hit regions, which shows that the worth of Pakistan real estate.
The major purpose of this infrastructural development and real estate rehabilitation project is to reconstruct the damaged done by the devastating floods and other natural calamities in the regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Bajaur and South Waziristan districts. New roads, bridges and water treatment plants will be the major focus of this project so that not only locals but foreign investors may also find new and developed region for investment. As soon as this project completes, these regions are destined to become the most attractive long term investment opportunity.
About 1.4 million Pakistani expatriates live and work in the UAE. They also contribute in the form of remittance to the tune of well over $1 billion every year. The valleys and towns of the northern region of Pakistan are very beautiful and everyone who visits there wishes to have a house in that region. The entire northern and northwestern region is surrounded by mountains, springs, rare plants and trees, and worth watching landscape aided with mild climate. The climate of this region appeals the UAE residents who are especially fond of fresh and clean environment, which of course is below mercury. Due to low traffic, less number of vehicles and absence of heavy industries, the northern and northwestern region of Pakistan is free from heavy pollution. All of these factors combine to make these areas worth the investment.
Very close to the north of Pakistan is very important and calm city i.e. Islamabad. Islamabad real estate offers relatively safer and highly lucrative real estate investment opportunities. The presence of business community, executives of the national and multinational companies and multinational corporate in a large number demonstrates the faith of local and foreigners in the city. It means Arab professionals have also been showing invest in Islamabad real estate. This very city is their gateway to northern region, which promises even more to offer in terms of quality of life.

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William King is the director of Islamabad Property, Pakistan Property and Islamabad Real Estate. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.