There is plethora of book publishing companies that offer multiple categories and genres in the forms of magazines, newspapers, editorials, e-books. With this and number of different genres available in the market, avid readers tend to achieve the type of reading what they desire for. We know how to go with the genre of reading fiction or non-fiction. People spend much of their time in reading thriller, contemporary readings or women. Whether you aspire to be an author or get shortlisted by one of the best book publishing companies. But for that you need to know several types of book publishers ruling the hearts of readers in the present scenario.

This brief article has considered information about those various types of book publishing companies.

• Trade Publishers
Publishers, who know well to win the hearts of common readers or general public out there. They are one of the traditional publishers, the best sellers in the market, stock available at huge libraries consist of trade published books all the time. They mostly get hold of the right to sell and publish copies of the books. These trade publishers monitor various books formats including hardcover, trade paperback, mass market paperback, e-books, and audiobooks. Alongside, they don’t include such books for targeted audience like those travelling around the world. They usually fall in the category of such type of publishing books. These type of trade books can be demanded in schools and also adopted as a medium of online learning platform. They mainly consist of mainly HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random.

• Textbook Publishers
Academic publishers are also known as Textbook publishers; they are publishers of academic and educational books. They have been recognized well in dealing with classroom syllabus or university books. They get wide and professional orders from schools, universities, educational coaching centres, institutes and more like these for online teaching platform. Therefore, they deliver quality textbook supplements to these mentioned spheres. They mainly consist of Cengage Learning, Macmillan Education, Pearson Learning, John wiley & Sons etc.

• Hybrid Book Publishers
When the attributes of traditional and self-publishing mix well together, they form a hybrid publishing. There are multiple exceptions attached to it. These categories of book publishers generally help out their authors in their in-house editorial proficiency and distribution support and then they both share the profits after the sale of books. One of the top benefits one might get from Hybrid Publishers are many- with good business connections to bigger share of royalties and amount payable at every step, are few of them. The prominent example of this type of book publishing is J.K Rowling book “Harry Potter”.

Self-Publishing Books
Self- publishing is a kind of platform where you publish a book without a random or professional publishing house. Here, you are securely maintaining 100% control on content and royalties. In a nutshell, there will be no agent in between, no other costs added. With self-publishing, anyone without even having experience in book publishing, anyone can get into it and try their luck out! They include platforms like Amazon, Kobo, iBook.

There are multiple digital book publishing companies working behind offering professional content for an enhanced learning management system or self-help publishers running to offer aid to authors. Job opportunities in book publishing require efficient go-getters who does not scared of some groan work. With this piece of information, you might be able to choose the type of book publishing platform for your writing endeavours. In the next article we will be focusing each one of them in detail.

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