Anxiety in some people's lives goes far beyond simple stress and worries. There are times when anxiety becomes severe and can even lead to panic attacks. If you have ever experienced this disorder, you are likely on a quest to find methods for overcoming anxiety in your life.

The secret to overcoming anxiety begins with education. In order to treat or cure anything you must know what, how and even why to some extent. Sometimes simply knowing more about a disorder like anxiety goes a long way toward tempering the symptoms, because you know exactly what it is you are facing.

What is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorder differs from typical anxiety in intensity and application. Everyone has worry to some degree or another in their life, however when that worry becomes obsessive or unrealistic there is a good chance anxiety disorder or panic attacks are the root cause.

Your worries and thoughts are about the same things as many other people but when you have anxiety you will take the concerns to a completely new level. For example if you call up a friend and your call is not immediately returned you begin to agonize over the relationship, wondering what is wrong.

How or Why

There is some evidence that panic attacks and anxiety are hereditary in nature. The only question is whether this effect is genetic or simply the natural inclination toward the disorder that comes from living with a fearful parent. Either way, studies have shown that children living with anxiety-ridden adults are more likely to experience the affliction than other children are.

When searching for ways of overcoming anxiety you may be surprised to find that panic disorders are often associated with timidity. Often times people who never stand up for him or herself or are constantly trying to make peace find the emotions that have built up over many years finally need an outlet, and it may be in a panic attack or anxiety issue.


Whatever the cause and effect relationship there is, generally one thing on the mind of the sufferer and that is the road to overcoming anxiety. There are many ways to accomplish this feat and you may find one or more very helpful. Most of the time overcoming anxiety comes from compound efforts.

Medication is one way your doctor may suggest for overcoming anxiety. Generally speaking, you will be placed on either a tranquilizer type medication or an anti-depressant. Many doctors are shying away from the first type of medication because of high risks for abuse and addiction. Anti-depressants can be helpful but they do take some time to get into your system and take effect.

One of the best methods for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks is through cognitive behavioral therapy. This practice involves a licensed therapist guiding you through new thought processes and behavioral modifications. This can be accomplished with several differing methods including aversion.


It is vitally important that you find a method for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks in your life. Your family will benefit, but most importantly, you will be able to find joy in life again. In addition, you may be able to circumvent more serious complications such as agoraphobia, by overcoming anxiety and or panic attacks.

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Overcoming anxiety without getting to the core of reducing stress in your life is an almost impossible task. If you want to experience anxiety relief naturally you will need to take control of all of the things in your life that are causing you stress and anxiety.

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