Outline for Term Paper

Any term paper outline should include the following parts:

  1. Term paper outline part 1: Introduction (what is your term papers about?);
  2. Term paper outline part 2: Thesis statement (the subject of the term paper should be clearly put);
  3. Term paper outline part 3: Body (it usually consists of two parts; you are to state in this chapter the process of the investigation itself);
  4. Term paper outline part 4: Conclusions (you are to present all the results, which you have got during the investigation);
  5. Term paper outline part 5: Bibliography list (do not forget that this part of the term paper writing process is of great importance, due to the fact that all the information, which you use in the term paper, has to be put in accordance with the rules of citations).

Outline for Term Paper

As far as you have understood, creating the term paper outline can help you a lot. So, as soon as you receive the topic for your term paper, you are welcome to start working on the term paper outline. Remember, as soon as you have any questions, you are to consult your supervisor. He/she is the right person, who will instruct you to write a good term paper and to succeed in presenting it. Stick to this advice and you will see the results!


Outline for Any Term Paper

  1. Introduction
    • The Beginning or "Hook"
    • the Thesis statement
  2. Supporting Paragraph #1
    • Topic Point
    • Explanation & Support
  3. Supporting Paragraph #2
    • Topic Point
    • Explanation & Support
  4. Supporting Paragraph #3
    • Topic Point
    • Explanation & Support
  5. Conclusion
    • Summary, Reiteration of Thesis
    • The Ending or "Bang"
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