There is a huge difference between paid social media and organic social media and it is important to understand the difference between the two. Organic social media is an activity where you need not to pay anything for promotions. For online promotions you can use various free social media tools to build your brand and to engage customers. In organic social media, you need not to deal with ad budgets, and it is the cost effective way to connect with your audience. Whereas, paid social media is the method of promoting your business on several social media platforms by displaying advertising and sponsored marketing messages. You need to pay a certain amount to display ads on social media platforms. Here you will know the major difference between organic social media, their advantages and disadvantages.

Organic Social Media –

Organic social media is free and with the help of the right strategy, organic social media can be cost effective and also it will provide great results to your business. It is a time consuming process and you need to work hard to promote your business.

Organic social media is the way of direct communication with your customers. When you are mostly active, you can post concerns and compliments as well as you can answer any question of your customers that they may have about your brand. This will help in providing customers a personalized experience.

The huge benefit is organic social media helps you establish brand identity.

There are also some disadvantages of organic social media and that are;

1. Organic social media can be time consuming.

2. Tricky algorithms, difficult to understand.

3. If you want immediate reach, organic social media offers less Flexibility. To know more about organic social media enroll yourself at Digital Marketing Classes in Pimpri Chinchwad.

Paid Social Media –

In paid social media, it is easy to reach specific demographics like you can sort users according to their age, location, gender so that they’re exposed directly to what you have to offer to them.

Paid social media is also budget friendly as they generally charge on pay per click basis only. So you only have to pay if users interact with you directly with your paid ads.

Paid social media provides instant results and customers can directly message you once they see on their feed.

There are also some disadvantages of paid social media –

1. Sometimes your efforts will be effective or sometimes it may not. You don’t have a complete guarantee of what the return on investment might look like. So for this it is important to understand and plan a strategy likewise.

2. You have lot of competition in the market and if you are not ahead in

the game then you have a lot to compete with.

3. You need to monitor, analyze and need to pay constant attention on how your ads are performing and what is the outcome.

To conclude, organic and paid social media both have their benefits for business and both have their pros and cons depending on what your business needs are. As per your business requirements and goals you need to create a strategy and then decide how you want to promote your business, is it by paid social media or organic social media. Join Training Institute Pune to take your career into a new horizon!

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