The benefits of organic fruits cover a long list of properties for the health of consumers and producers, as well as for the conservation of the environment. Organic fruits are those that are produced by processes set according to recognized standards, among which are the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, transgenic elements and a wide range of methods that can damage the environment.

Organic agriculture emerged in the year 1940 and has evolved since then, allowing the flourishing of new techniques and the emergence of certifications in various countries of the world.

What are the benefits of organic fruits? In the first instance, they contribute to the protection of the planet by decreasing the amount of harmful chemicals in the environment. This further helps to preserve soil fertility, to produce an environmentally friendly production. This also aids in maintaining a conscious diet and improves people's health since, in many cases, pesticides are related to problems with the digestive system, intoxications and even anxiety.

It is also important to keep in mind that organic fruits and vegetables contain a greater amount of antioxidants and polyphenols whose function in the body is to fight free radicals that directly affect cells.

Another great advantage of this type of food is that it contains a greater number of nutrients. Organic produce stays longer in the optimal state for consumption because the time of growth and development of the plants is respected.

In addition, since they are non-frozen products and do not include harmful chemicals that alter their condition - their flavor is a lot more enhanced.

Do you think your diet is healthy and free of toxins because you consume vegetables and fruits? Be careful! Many times these products may contain pesticides and chemicals that harm your health. Therefore, it is important that you know some of the benefits of organic fruits.

According to Mayo Clinic specialists, the benefits of consuming organic foods is that they are free of pesticides (used to protect fungus and insect products), food additives and because they help conserve the environment by saving water.

Let us look at the Top 7 organic fruits to include in one’s diet:


Its shell accumulates a large number of pesticides, so if you want to enjoy its benefits and reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases - buy them organic. A good idea would be to look for organic French Apples.


They have a large number of pesticides on the surface, owing to their thin and porous surface. They are sprayed with harmful chemicals which gives them their bright appearance and even if you wash them, you run the risk of ingesting these chemicals.


According to the USDA, this fruit accumulates a large number of pesticides and contaminants, as it is one of the most susceptible fruits to pesticide residues.


Organic pears are highly nutritious and also contain beneficial plant compounds. They are an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber too, promoting gut health and improved immunity.

Cherries and red raspberries

Cherries and red raspberries have a particularly high level of pesticide residue. So if you want to enjoy their antioxidant benefits, it is best to buy them organically.


Grapes tend to ripen quickly and also attract insects easily. This results in a heavy application of chemicals by growers, especially in the ones that are imported from developing countries since the rules of each country regarding the use of these chemicals are very different.

As a consumer, you can decrease your exposure to harmful chemicals significantly if you choose to go organic as far as the above list of fruits are concerned. So next time you go shopping for one of these fruits - make sure to buy organic.

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