Jesus said that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we could move mountains.

I am reminded of this principle every single day in my work as a facilitator of spiritual clearing.

"Faith the size of a mustard seed", to me, means we have to be at least somewhat open and available to the power of Spirit within -- the power of our own Sacred Higher Consciousness.

We may not feel like we have all our ducks in a row yet in life, but if our hearts are opened and surrendered to Higher Consciousness at least a little bit, Infinite Spirit can work with that and widen the gates of our inner receptivity so we can allow more of the fullness of Who We Are to come forward into expression.

Life is truly lived from the inside out. We may want more "stuff" to show up on the outside, but until we are open and available to the spiritual cause of our external stuff to show up within us as a state of consciousness that we feel and know, we will not really see changes externally.

Many of us really desire for healing or positive manifestation in some area of life -- more health, more money, attracting a relationship, etc. We are already open to wanting more, and this wanting is the first step to manifesting more good.

However, wanting more good is different from being truly open and available to it. "Faith", as Jesus put it, is not simply wanting sometime. Faith is an inner availability, a trusting that Life is fundamentally good, and that your own Higher Intelligence knows how to provide what you need.

If we are completely closed -- and this means living in lack, anger, & hard-heartedness--, then even Jesus himself standing in front of us couldn't do anything to help.

Remember: Life is lived from the inside out. We have to be open and available to Good as a state of consciousness within us before we will see the results of that show up in our lives as external manifestations.

That's why Jesus constantly said "Are you willing to be made whole?"

He didn't ever say: "Hey everybody, stand back and watch as I heal and fix this person's life in spite of themselves!"

Only when we're available, willing, and open can Spirit within meet our needs.

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I am a spiritual clearing facilitator who works with the power of your own Higher Intelligence to identify, clear, and resolve your limiting subconscious programming (also known as your karma, or your akashic records), so that you can raise your consciousness & experience more authentic states of joy, healing, prosperity, optimism, and freedom to create the life you want. Please visit me at