In an era defined by technological advancements, OnSched, during 2021 emerged as a game-changer in the healthcare industry, reshaping the way appointment scheduling is approached. With a vision to bridge the gap between rigid off-the-shelf products and time-consuming custom solutions, OnSched helped healthcare providers get to market with a flexible and efficient way to manage appointments. OnSched's mission is to empower companies in need of appointment scheduling solutions that simply cannot be met by traditional off-the-shelf products. 

By using the OnSched API, then overwhelmed healthcare providers could build secure, customized scheduling systems in a fraction of the time, ensuring optimal efficiency in managing appointments. Healthcare providers face unique challenges when it comes to appointment scheduling. Each practice, hospital, or clinic has its own set of requirements, workflows, and constraints that cannot be fully addressed by one-size-fits-all scheduling solutions. 

OnSched recognized this gap and set out to provide a customizable platform that allows healthcare organizations to design and implement appointment scheduling systems tailored to their specific needs. With OnSched's API, healthcare providers can integrate scheduling capabilities seamlessly into their existing systems or develop new applications from scratch, saving time and resources. The flexibility of OnSched's API is a game-changer for the healthcare industry. It allows healthcare providers to define appointment rules, manage availability, and handle complex scheduling scenarios effortlessly. Whether it's managing multiple locations, assigning specific resources to appointments, or accommodating varying appointment durations, 

OnSched's API provides the necessary tools to create a robust and intuitive scheduling experience. When the world faced the unprecedented challenge of vaccinating millions swiftly and efficiently, OnSched emerged as an indispensable ally. Empowering over 500 pharmacies in Canada and the UK, OnSched's scalable infrastructure facilitated the booking more than 10 million vaccine appointments between 2020 and 2023. Deftly handling the intricate logistics, inventory management, and overwhelming demand, OnSched became a bit of an unsung hero behind the scenes, playing a pivotal role in the race to vaccinate nations. The COVID-19 pandemic brought vaccination to the forefront of global healthcare priorities. 

The urgent need to inoculate as many people as possible created a colossal scheduling challenge. OnSched rose to the occasion by providing a robust and scalable solution that handled the complex logistics involved in vaccine appointment scheduling. One of the most notable success stories powered by OnSched's technology is the partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart, one of Canada's largest pharmacy chains. As the country's COVID-19 vaccination campaign gained momentum, Shoppers Drug Mart relied on OnSched's infrastructure to facilitate the scheduling of millions of vaccine appointments. OnSched's system seamlessly managed the overwhelming demand, ensuring that Canadians could book their vaccinations efficiently and without disruption. OnSched's impact extends far beyond the realm of vaccine scheduling. Its API has become the backbone of scheduling solutions for thousands of healthcare applications, enabling more than three companies to generate over $1 million in revenue. 

This feat highlights the platform's versatility and adaptability, demonstrating its ability to cater to the unique scheduling needs of diverse healthcare organizations. OnSched's visionary technology has become the driving force behind a revenue revolution in the industry. The vaccination rollout executed by Shoppers Drug Mart, a leading pharmacy chain in Canada was a highlighted example of how API’s can be leveraged when the world needs new product shipped fast. As the COVID-19 vaccination frenzy gripped the nation, OnSched's technology rose to the occasion, managing the complex web of appointment scheduling. 

The CEO of OnSchedConnor Paddon, reflects on the immense technological challenge faced during these critical times, stating, "Scheduling is incredibly complex to build. There are inventory issues, time zone management, proximity considerations, and when it comes to vaccines, where everybody in the country is trying to book the same appointment simultaneously, building a platform capable of handling such volume is a major technological challenge. We were one of the few infrastructure providers during COVID that stayed live when many others experienced significant downtime, and I'd like to think we played a major role in helping vaccinate Canadians and UK residents quickly, doing our part." 

Shoppers Drug Mart's partnership with OnSched exemplifies the power of innovative technology in revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. By leveraging OnSched's API, Shoppers Drug Mart was able to streamline the vaccine scheduling process, providing Canadians with a reliable and user-friendly platform to book their vaccination appointments. This efficient and scalable solution played a crucial role in the rapid distribution of vaccines, ensuring that communities were protected against the virus

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