By counseling and psychotherapy we mean counseling and therapy services offered by a certified mental health care professional, such as a psychologist or a psychotherapist. Working online means that we use Internet services, such as e-mail, chat, calls and videoconferencing to communicate with the client instead of meeting face-to-face.

What kind of benefits are associated with online counseling?

Higher life satisfaction and a more harmonious life.

For many clients meeting online with the counselor is a very practical solution. E-mail counseling is perfect when the client wants to contemplate on life without time pressure. Using phone and/or videoconferencing is ideal in cases where the client wants to discuss his/hers situation with the psychologist in real time but does not wish to leave home.

Many clients prefer working online to holding regular face-to-face sessions due to the level of flexibility. For example, it's possible to have an online counseling session anonymously, without actually seeing each other, and all you have to do is to opt not to use a webcam.

In many cases counseling online is the only alternative available due to complicated geographic factors.

In Therapion we have many years of experience with online therapy with highly qualified and experienced therapists.

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