Online ordering is changing the way restaurants interact with their customers. Its ease allows hungry customers to order whatever they want using the device of their choice. This method of ordering is relatively new, but is rapidly gaining popularity. According to a recent study by the National Restaurant Association, 43% of consumers have already placed an order online platform like Horeca, whether for a delivery or a takeout order. Restaurants that offer the ability to order online are popular with customers because of the convenience of this method, but that's not all. Here are some other benefits of this type of ordering for restaurants.

Improved efficiency
Receiving orders over the Internet improves the efficiency of operations. Indeed, have you ever calculated the time your employees spend taking orders over the phone? Have you ever wondered how many mistakes are due to misunderstanding? In many restaurants, phone orders take five to eight minutes each. Language barrier, poor reception, and human error largely contribute to incorrect orders, unnecessary deliveries, and customer dissatisfaction. In contrast, receiving online orders takes less than 30 seconds. In addition, customers can take their time to browse the menu and select for themselves what they want. The order received therefore corresponds exactly to the customer's choice. Otherwise, you automatically get a copy of the order for your records. With these time savings, your staff can focus on preparing orders and improving the quality of service on site.

Increase in order value
Not only are online orders generally more accurate, but they are also often larger. Customers spend more time browsing menus online than on paper. Also, upselling is always built into the ordering process because of the way the site is structured. Customers also appreciate the ability to manage takeout orders online, as they can choose what time to pick up their meal and know that since it is prepaid, they will be able to make an order. Quick stop at a restaurant and get their order almost immediately, regardless of the traffic. In fact, even large tables can benefit from ordering online,

Response to customer demand
While improving efficiency and increasing order size are big benefits, the real power of online ordering lies in being able to attract new customers. In the United States, the e-commerce industry generates $ 200 billion annually and is expected to grow by 15% annually. This booming market therefore offers endless possibilities. For example, according to recent data from the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University, more than half of restaurants with a delivery service offer the option of ordering online, but it is possible to do so from a. mobile device in only 5% of cases. However, 90% of mobile app users want to use apps that allow them to shop online. By not offering this possibility to your customers, how much money do you think you are wasting?

Online orders are very beneficial for small independent restaurants. It is usually sufficient to pay a small commission for the orders received, and the creation of the website is often free. Thus, independent restaurants benefit inexpensively from the same technology as large restaurant chains. In addition, the Internet makes it easy for new customers to find a restaurant despite endless possibilities.

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