To me, the biggest difference between a good teacher and a great one is not the number of hours spent honing their craft, though this is a factor. It is not the numbers of degrees or awards they have accumulated. This is impressive, but not the prime consideration.

The major difference between a good teacher and a great teacher is one inch vision.

The great teachers see, notice and pay great attention to details as small as an inch. They know when you are slightly leaning to one side, or when your left hand needs to be a tad higher. Though they have 2 eyes, they seem to be seeing. . .and sensing. . . with a vision only attained by greatest that comes from countless hours of paying attention to the subtle. The great ones know that when you add enough subtle together, you attain perfection, if only for the moment. It is the experience of these moments that keeps the master returning. It is the desire for such experiences that keeps the student learning.

One inch. The difference between a perfect strike and one slightly off. The difference that leads to a piece of art which reflects the soul of the artist or one that just misses the mark. One simple inch.

It is such a great metaphor for life too. How many times have you seen an individual stop just before he or she was nearing completion? That last inch proved too much. That last step kept them one inch away from greatness. Instead of being the new bright light leading the way, that one inch casts them into that eternal void of the average.

Find a teacher that can provide the information you are looking for. Someone who will inspire you to become the very best at the passion that you are learning. A teacher whose goal is that you surpass their skills and abilities at some point.

A teacher with one inch vision.

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