Washington The growing defence trade between India and the US is one of the major success stories of the bilateral relation, US President jeobiden
's designee for coming envoy to New Delhi has told lawgivers.
Eric Michael Garcetti, 50, is presently serving as the Mayor of Los Angeles and is a particular confidante of Mr Biden.

Mr Garcetti, during his evidence hail as US Ambassador to India, said that he completely supports the law of the land, the perpetration of CAATSA and part of that's the disclaimer provision.

He was responding to a question on enforcement of CAATSA warrants on India now that New Delhi has started entering delivery of the S-400 bullet system from Russia.

"I do not want to prejudge the Secretary's decision about warrants or a disclaimer. And I do want to tell the Chairman, Ranking Member (and) all the members (of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) I do completely support the law of the land, the perpetration of CAATSA as law then and part of that's the disclaimer provision,"Mr Garcetti said.

The Los Angeles Mayor said, if verified, he'd endorse the continued diversification of India's munitions system, the pitfalls to US own munitions systems.

Still,"he said, adding that he'd work towards growing the India-US Major Defence Partnership,"If that diversification does not do because we've to cover our data and our systems."I suppose it's one of the great success stories of the last many decades from zero to USD 20 billion in procurement, the intelligence sharing that we have, the interoperability, the exercises, the maritime work that we are doing,"he said.

India is the only designated Major Defence Partner of the United States.

Having concluded four major defence enabling agreements since 2016, the United States and India have made significant progress as Major Defence Mates and America looks forward to farther adding information sharing, bilateral and multinational exercises, maritime security cooperation, liaison officer exchanges, and logistical cooperation.

Responding to questions related to mortal rights in India, Mr Garcetti assured the lawgivers that he'd tête-à-tête be talking to colorful stakeholders in India on this issue.

"I would not only just bring it up, but it would not be commodity at the end as an obligation. It'll be a core piece of what I will be engaging my Indian counterparts have verified with,"he said.

"There is no question that the US india
relationship should be sustained by our common commitment to republic, mortal rights and to civilsociety.However, I'll laboriously raise these issues, If verified. I will raise them with modesty. It's a two- way road on these, but I intend to engage directly with civil society,"he said.

"There are groups that are laboriously fighting for the mortal rights of people on the ground in India that will get direct engagement from me. We know that republic are complicated and we can look at our own and at India's, but it's a foundation of our participated values,"Mr Garcetti said.

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