Herbal products are a gift of nature and work in a holistic way to improve our health and well being. A key difference between herbal products and pharmaceutical is that pharmaceuticals work by modifying a physical condition.

Herbal products, on the other hand are designed to work with the body.

This may be seen as; herbal remedies find a way to tap the natural rhythms of the body, something that makes the entire body work together.

In essence, herbal products have centuries of history associated with their use. They form a part of all prevalent medication systems, and the world is now waking up afresh to the magic of herbs and herbal remedies.

An herbal medicine could be a very effective for treatment of any given disorder. This makes it a fine alternative to go for. Yet another very singular point about herbal treatments is that these are often free from all side effects. Even if the side effects are there, these are likely to be very mild. This nullifies the possibility of an adverse reaction to a great extent.

Herbal products and medications are preferred because their effects are invariably more holistic. These are 100% natural, supple with nutrients and work towards nurturing our bodies. There are even occasions wherein herbal products could be used without a prescription.

Let's run through some of the key herbs which allow one to recover from colds and flus.


Nettle leaf is so effective for healing from colds and flus that some doctors recommend it as the only herb required for treatment of the ailment. This is owing to a large amount of minerals and trace elements which are present in the herb. These allow the body to stay hydrated and remove toxins.

One of the best ways to use nettle leaf for treatment of colds and flus is by using it in tea with red raspberry leaf, Alfalfa and peppermint.


If consumed in a capsule form, ginger can allow one to get over nausea and vomiting which are associated with flu. Alternately, ginger is a fine remedy for high fever and headaches.

If one has been suffering from sinus symptoms and congestion, one should go for ginger tea made from fresh ginger root steeped in boiling water.


Chamomile is very effective, in particular for kids. The herb works towards calming the nerves, enables kids to sleep better and also allows one to overcome inflammation or fever. This is also effective for regulating hormones and keeps the skin soft and smooth.

Yet another advantage of chamomile is that it is easy to make kids consume the herb, simply because this tastes great. The herb very often forms an ingredient of tea and tincture recipes.


Peppermint works effectively for letting one overcome digestive discrepancies and also reducing fever. This is renowned for its anti viral and anti bacterial properties.

When one is suffering from colds and flus, peppermint can be consumed as hot tea or cold tea in any amounts.

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