Peter Rodger set out across the world to ask the highly volatile question "What is God?". The result... a beautiful cinematic experience that educates, engages and touches the viewer and is immensely thought provoking. Rodger interviews people of many religions all over the world as well as humanitarians, atheists and celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Ringo Starr and Seal. This film will hold your attention and enlighten you. It is my pleasure to review "Oh My God", a Film by Peter Rodger.

Here is a trailer of the film:

From the site "Oh My God" comes part of Peter Rodger's message of WHY he made this film:

“Over a three-year period I traveled across 23 countries asking children, religious leaders, celebrities, fanatics and the common Man what God means to them. Along the way I experienced an incredible array of faith expressions and had no small number of unforgettable adventures. The film is a result of this journey. It is not about religion per se; it is about what God means to people throughout our human family. I needed to explore and discover for myself whether religion and religious people were the cause of all the world’s woes. And, as a person who wrestles with faith, I needed to determine whether God created man or man created God.”


I feel this is an important film because it shows us what life is like in the 23 countries that Peter Rodger visited. He gives us a glimpse into how these different groups have formed their beliefs and what they do to honor God. Rodger has a Palestinian and an Israeli talking about how they hope for peace while hugging each other. He visits New Orleans after Katrina where people have lost seemingly everything but still have faith that it will be okay because they believe in God. He visits Native Americans that say "God is a Holy Man that brings blessings to us that are open to healing. The medicine he has is to help humankind help each other - there is one race - the human race". Every place Peter Rodger visits holds something to think about. There are SO many beautiful inspiring quotes in this film. They mention a few in the trailer and here are a couple of my other favorites:

"The Problem is NOT WITH God it is With Us."

"The Heart of Man is the Heart of God."

"All religions say Love for Humanity so Why do people fight in the name of religion?"

"If we Each did a Kind Act for one person each day - what a different world it would be."

"You need to Feel God not Understand God."

"How can you Love your neighbor if you don't know him?"

"God is the essence of Nature."

"God is Love."

The important question is:

- Can YOU tell which one was said by the Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Aborigine, Palestinian, Native American, Druid or The Buddhist?

No - we cannot tell because we ALL have similar beliefs at the core of our beings. Yes, there are people who separate themselves by their religion and see themselves as "better" or "the chosen". MOST people when asked and they take the time to really dig down deep KNOW we are ALL connected. Nowhere in any Sacred text does it say to hurt another if they are a different religion than you. There are some who might have taken things out of context and hung onto a sentence as a reason for separation and anger... but when the Qu'ran and other Sacred texts are analyzed by experts they all have the same results - they ALL say to "Love one Another". I look at most religions like this, we were born into our belief system. If we were born somewhere else who knows WHAT we as people would look like, sound like or believe in. All religions say to "Love Thy Neighbor" or "Treat others as you would want to be treated". This "Golden Rule" is a common message that runs through every religion. Yet war is usually over religion and fought "in the name of God". The Overall message of "Oh My God" is for EVERYONE. (However - some parts involve tribes performing animal sacrifice and are not appropriate for children).

This movie evoked many different emotions in me and made me look closely at my own religious upbringing. I was born Catholic but not in a dogmatic way. I was baptized and had my First Holy Communion but never received Confirmation. My parents recited the Golden Rule often and THAT was how I lived and what I lived from. I did not like when people were pushed out or not included for WHATEVER reason - whether it be race, weight, class or religion. I tried to have many friends in various groups and not just be seen as part of "one clique". After my own healing I began to delve into spirituality and realized that what I love about religion is the commonalities between them. That we love each other, that we ARE all one, that we have unlimited power and the "God" in all of in us is waiting to be discovered.

There were words in this movie that filled me with joy, hope and inspired me. There were also words that made me sad reflecting how some people can believe that we are so separate, that one religion can reign supreme and all others not associated with that religion deserve death or life in damnation. The ideas on war represented in this film brought up many thoughts. War is usually either about religion or land and I loved this quote from the movie, "Boundaries are drawn by man not by God". The Earth did not come with lines drawn and "stay in here if you believe "x"" written on it. The Earth is for all of us and is meant to be shared not separated. The Qu'ran says "If you take one life it is like taking the life of humanity". There are many different ways we can find to separate ourselves and there are many ways we can find our way back to each other and to being ONE.

"Oh My God" is a movie that is important and has the power to awaken people to see how we all are truly connected. Featuring BEAUTIFUL camera shots, it is a joy to travel all over the world with Peter Rodger. You can find out more about the movie, Peter Rodger, the people interviewed and all that is available on the extended DVD set by going to the "Oh My God" website.

I would love to know what you think about this film idea and what you thought about the film if you have seen it already. I highly recommend Oh My God and am very happy I watched it. It is a film that will stay with me for a long time to come.

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Jenny Mannion discovered her love of healing when she healed herself from several chronic diseases. She has since written over 200 articles on alternative ways to heal. She is a reconnective healing practitioner and read/clears Akashic records as well as helps clients as a mind/body mentor. She welcomes comments and meeting new people.