“The Apprentice,” produced and presided over by the mogul and billionaire, Donald Trump reminds me of the manipulations and treachery that are prevalent in most work places. In fine and proper language, it is called “Office Politics”. Backbiting, mudslinging and bickering are often the backdrop of most institutional setups. Camps, caucuses, groups and subgroups, all add to the fun and excitement of work place politics. It is indeed like a game of cards, where aces, queens and kings play each other out to attain desired goals.

What about Ethics? In this kind of silent warfare/movie, this word is nonexistent. It is all about the survival of the fittest. You must know the rules of the game, or you suddenly find yourself thrown out like a piece of trash. Many people have found themselves drowned in the ocean of work place politics. Some are scathed and continue to remember the scar that is left, others have played it over and over and have become experts and survivors. The question is can you survive without losing your dignity and integrity? The following suggestions will empower you!

1.Recognize, and accept that office politics exist. To be oblivious of this fact may be an act of denial.
2.Be confident, industrious, and ambitious. You have a right to be.
3.Truthfulness and transparency are major keys to building success.
4.Be determined to succeed.
5.Have a goal, a plan and a purpose.
6.Focus on the substance, whilst you shy away from shadows.
7.Knowledge is good, but application of knowledge is wisdom, seek wisdom, bind it to your chest.
8.Look for the good in everyone and everything.
9.Never mind what others think about you. It’s how you perceive yourself that is important.
10.Eschew fear. Never allow others to suppress your initiative or intimidate you.
11.Have allegiance to a legitimate cause, not a group or an individual.
12.People can hire or fire you, but they cannot destroy your authentic self.
13.Partner with higher consciousness for guidance and sustenance.

Author's Bio: 

Pastor Tele Opakunle's calling as a Prophet and a Seer was established before her birth. She manifested intuitive abilities as a child. Though she emerged from an ancestry of staunch Christian believers, she has since moved beyond religion, to a higher consciousness of man’s purpose on earth. Pastor Tele is the founder of the Zion City Ministries Inc. Her focus is on empowerment. She teaches about the power within. Her message is that of “HOPE.” (Harmony, Order, Peace, and Eternal bliss) Tele Opakunle is a Prophetic Counselor, Life Coach, and a Spiritual Activist, who fights against the desecration of the earth and its fullness.