What is Occupational/Job stress?

‘A condition arising from the interaction of people and their jobs and characterized by change within people that force them to deviate from normal functioning.’ ( Beehr & Newman, Organizational Behavior).

Stress has psychological, physiological and behavioral implications. A simple example would be that job stress can lead to irritability, elevated blood pressure and frequent arguments at home and in office.
Irritability- Psychological
Elevated B.P – Physiological
Behavioral- Arguments and fights at home and in office

What are the causes of Job Stress?

The factors present outside the organization - EFT application for some of the factors are given below.

Family situation – This has a huge impact on the personality of the individual. E.g. - Unsupportive family be it parents or spouse, brief crisis etc.

Financial Aspects – Changes in income levels etc. Some EFT setup affirmations are given below.
Even though my income is low, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I have financial problems, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I am trying to overcome them but am not succeeding, I deeply and completely love and accept myself
Exploring the causes for low income will also help immensely.

Relocation to a new city, country etc.
Tapping on all the stress related to shifting like unpacking, setting up house, shopping etc.

Sudden Life changes such as death of someone in the family, health problems etc. Dealing with grief and guilt with EFT is important.

Race, culture, religion play a vital role in stress.
Tapping on racial and gender discrimination helps a lot.

Factors present Inside an Organization- Some of the factors are given below. Tapping on each factor will help.

Downsizing – Many people get laid off due to recession.
Tapping on the anger, guilt, frustration, etc.

Competition in the organization.

Rotating work shifts for e.g. in B.P.O


Conflicts due to role ambiguity.

Restrictive environment.

No opportunity for growth.

Favoritism in the office.

Crowded work area.

Individual Stressors

Rigidity – Inability to adjust to new circumstances

Taking work home

Inability to relax even on weekends

Tired of working long hours.


Setting goals that are too unrealistic to be achieved.

Comparing unfavorably with others.

Lack of self-appreciation and confidence in one’s abilities.

Constant Pressure of deadlines.

Disliking the job or low job satisfaction.

Fear of failure or success.

EFT setup affirmations for Fear of failure
Even though I’m scared of failure, sp1
Even though I may never succeed, sp1
Even though I cannot succeed/will not succeed/have not succeeded till now, sp1
Even though my fear is blocking my ability to succeed, sp1

Fear of Success related to money
Even though I’m afraid of what people will say if I get too much money, they may not like it because having too much is bad, sp1
Even though I have these beliefs about money that are blocking my success, sp1

EFT will not automatically open new avenues for you. However, EFT will decrease the intensity of stress caused by the above mentioned factors and will help in removing the blocks to your thinking which in turn will bring about a change in your behavior and outlook. Decreasing stress will lead to better decision making ability, a whole lot of choices that you may not have noticed earlier and loads of self confidence. And these definitely will open new avenues for you.


Author's Bio: 

Counseling Psychologist & Certified EFT practitioner
Masters in Psychology; EFT- Cert I, EFT-ADV, EFT-CC