If you are hypersensitive, easily offended or non-desirous of true change, this is not the article for you. If however, you are willing to be truthful with yourself, look in the inner mirror and take the plunge of change, you hit pay dirt!

This article is about the cure for obesity. Not “a” cure; “the” cure. It already exists and has been hidden in plain view. It is not new, nor extreme. It is not a fad which will last 4 weeks until a new one comes along. You do not have to starve yourself or go through some extreme “detox” which 99% of the people do not need. It is simple.

Not always easy, but it is simple.

After reading this, you should be saying to yourself, “I already knew all or most of this.” If this or some variation springs into your consciousness, great!

This is not about learning something new. You are already in information overload. We do not need more. It is about doing what you know, in a way that is ideal for you.

The Cause: Hoverround-itis

The impetus for this article was doing of hill training in preparation for my marathon next week. As I have done on most Thursdays for the past 4 months, I repeatedly run up a steep hill, one that overlooks a lake. (This is akin to weight training for the legs.) Under the watchful eyes of alligators and a few fishermen, this is part of my routine.

Today was a bit different. While preparing for sprint #3, someone “rode” in one of those electic chairs to go to their home which was all of 30 feet away. The reason for this person being in one of these chairs was simple — they were obese and the 100 pound of excess fat cause pain in their knees. They did not like the pain so they convinced their doctor they were “handicapped” and needed this contraption to get around. Never mind, (part of) the treatment for such a problem of course, is exercise.

Let me pause a second. There are some individual who genuinely benefit from such a device. Certain diseases can cause progressive degeneration of the musculo-skeletal system, preventing such people from walking or even standing. This is for whom such devices were intended. It adds to their life and makes it more full.

When Comfort Kills

We have become a society where a significant percentage has gone to the extreme. Comfort has become a crutch. Perhaps a better way of saying this is that comfort has lead to a crutch. . . .literally.

IPhones have replaced walking and talking. Remote controls allow some to become one with the furniture. We do not even have to go to the grocery store to pick up junk food. It can be delivered to us. We hire people to cut the grass or shovel the snow, not because we can’t, but it is too difficult. Sitting has become the “new smoking” (see

Our bodies are designed to stand, walk and run. Movement is a must. Movement is medicine.

Life has become so comfortable that we have become miserable!

The Cure

The cure and prevention for virtually all cases of obesity is the same now, as it was hundreds of years ago, as it will be hundreds of years from now:

Consume more vegetables
Eat more proteins and healthy fats versus carbohydrates
Consume more omega 3 based foods
Reduce sugar intake
Eat 3 balanced meals per day. (Don’t snack in between meals).
Exercise daily and with vigor
And lastly, for modern times, eliminate GMO foods.

This “diet” has a name and is called healthy eating. Your grandparents and their grandparents knew about it. It is a lifestyle, not a part-time way of eating so I can lose weight and THEN go back to the way I used to eat approach. If you eat this way 6 of 7 days a week, almost everyone would benefit.

(There are exceptions of course. Diabetics may need to eat more frequently for example, but the VAST majority of people would be much healthier eating this way.)

There is one more piece and I will get to that shortly.

Which One

Ever get a speeding ticket and try to talk your way out of it? “But officer, I have an appointment. . . .” But officer, I was only going with the flow of traffic. . . . .”

Of course, excuses never work. Please remember this phrase.

At this point, someone is saying something to the effect, “Yes, I know this. . . .BUT. . . I cannot do it because. . . .” “Yes, but my situation is different because. . . . . ” Yes, but. . . . .”

At this point, someone else is saying, “I know. Now I will do.”

Which person are you committed to being? You can choose either, just not both.

The Last Piece

Geoffrey Hilton Barber is one of the most amazing people you probably never have heard of. He is an ultra-endurance athlete. He completed such events as the Badwater 135, a 135 mile race through the desert with temperatures upwards of 135 degrees and over 10,000 feet of elevation. He has completed other extreme running events through deserts as well as climbed Mt. Everest.

And by the way, Geoffrey is blind.

An interviewer asked Mr. Barber “Can anyone. . . “ and before she could finish the sentence (“Can anyone. . . . do this race?”, referring to Badwater), he answered with a resounding YES.


“Through Will.”

There is the last piece – Will. Will is that “magical” characteristic that allows anyone and everyone to go from “I want. . .” to “I did. . . “

Will or willpower is considered the emotion associated with the Kidney energy and when you can strengthen the kidneys, you strengthen the Will. Foods that are salty in nature such as celery are exceptional. Foods that are dark colored such as prunes or beef are also considered exception.

The best known herbal formula is called Shou Wu Chih (can be found in most health stores) strengthens the kidneys energy as well as provides energy for the whole body, improves immunity and strengthens the bones, teeth and hair. And yes, the Will. (The ideal of course, is to have a program designed to fit your ideal chemistry. If this is of interest, contact me at I am an expert at this.)

It also works in reverse; that is, when we do things that require courage, this strengthens the kidney energy, which in turn, strengthens the will.

The old adage is true – Where there is a Will there is a Way.

Now you know the way.

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