Figuring out an ideal pregnancy diet plan could at times end up being challenging.

Now this is one recipe you absolutely must give a try!

Go for Groundnut tikkis. Now did you know that groundnuts happen to be among healthy foods to eat when pregnant, mainly owing to their protein and folate content?

Folate and folic acid are essential especially while pregnancy, so as to make sure that the baby is able to avoid all defects, especially those related with the brain or spine.

Nutritious Recipes for PREGNANCY


Preparation Time 15 minutes

Cooking Time 10 minutes

Makes 10 tikkis


1/2 cup roasted groundnuts (peanuts), coarsely ground

1/2 cup besan (bengal gram flour)

1/3 cup whole wheat flour (gehun ka atta)

1/2 cup chopped spinach (palak)

3 green chillies, finely chopped

Juice of 1 lemon and 1 tbsp warm oil

Salt to taste

Other ingredients

2 1/2 tsp oil for cooking

The next recipe in nutritious recipes for Pregnancy is Groundnut Tikkis (cutlet).

I know you all love cutlets, so do I.

Let's check out the ingredients.

Groundnuts, these should be roasted and coarsely grounded.

The second ingredient is half a cup of Bengal gram flour.

Then we have half cup of whole wheat flour and half cup of chopped spinach.

3 to 4 chopped green chillies.

Bit of lemon juice, salt to taste. And oil.

First, take a nice, clean bowl.

Mix in all the ingredients. Bengal gram flour, whole wheat flour which is called 'Atta', chopped spinach, green chillies, juice of 1 lemon, bit of salt according to your taste.

We have to make soft and smooth dough out of it. So we'll add in a little water.

Once the dough is ready, add in some oil.

Then we can knead the dough again.

When the dough is ready, it would look smooth and glossy.

Now we will make cutlets out of it.

Make balls out of it. Roll it and flatten it.

Now we will fry these cutlets one by one, while the golden brown color doesn't appear.

Let's take some oil in a pan. Spread it evenly.

When it heats up, put in the cutlets, one by one.

Fry it till it turns golden brown from both sides.

Our cutlets are almost done.

Switch off the gas.

Now we can take the tikkis one by one on a plate which has a tissue paper placed on top of it.

Tissue paper will absorb the excess oil if any.

The groundnut tikkis are now ready.

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