If someone you love has a coin collecting obsession, there are a ton of gifts you can find for them. Here are some great gifts for coin collectors.

Do you have a loved on that is obsessed with coin collecting? Do they spend their free time searching for rare and antique coins, reading up on the newest minted collections, and going to flea markets looking for some valuable coins to add to their collection?

When it's time to get this person a gift, you're safe betting that they'll appreciate a coin-themed present. But if you're not a coin collector yourself, then it might be hard to figure the best gifts for coin collectors.

That's why we've done all the work for you. Keep reading for 10 gift ideas that will please your coin collector friend almost as much as a 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel (we say almost because that coin is worth over 4 million dollars. It's hard to top that).

1. Coins Themselves!

This one might be simultaneously the most obvious and the most difficult idea on this list. Of course, a coin collector would love to receive coins, but finding coins they don't already have and would be excited about is difficult.

You can't go wrong with the newest minted sets that are released by the United States Mint. You can even sign them up for a subscription service with the US Mint so they'll receive the newest minted coins available every month.

2. A Customized Coin

Most coin collectors are very particular about what types of coins they add to their collection, which can make it hard to give one as a gift. However, giving them a special customized coin made just for them is a way to add a one-of-a-kind coin to their collection.

This will also show how much thought and effort you put into getting them a gift, which they'll definitely appreciate. Check out this website to discover more about creating a personalized coin for your friend.

3. Coin Display Case or Book

Any passionate coin collector is concerned with proper storage of their coins: humidity, temperature, and light conditions can all affect their precious treasures. But, they also want to be able to look at their coins and show them off as well.

That's where a nice display case of coin book comes in. Getting professional and official coin displays will ensure that the coins will be well protected while also giving your loved one a way to show off their coins.

4. Books and Guides

Coin collecting is a serious business that can be rewarding personally and financially. Coin collectors often spend hours researching the rarest coins, the best ones to add to their collection, how to find coins, and more.

Make their research easier by gifting them the latest coin research books. Some of the top name books to consider are:

• The latest U.S Coins "Red" book
• The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards book
• Coin Collector's Survival Manual by Scott A. Travers

Find both traditional books that go over the standards of coin collecting and selling along with newer books that go over modern pricing guidelines, specific coins that are sought after, and guidebooks for how to collect the best of the best.

5. Gift Certificate to a Coin Store or Collector

If your friend as a particular store of collector that they prefer to go to, you might be better off getting them a gift certificate or a certificate for store credit. Coin collectors can be very particular about what coins they get for their collection, so why not let them pick it out themselves?

If you can't get a physical gift certificate, you can offer to go with them to pick out a coin and it will be on you (within moderation, of course. You might have to draw the line if they have their eye on that 4 million dollar nickel we mentioned earlier).

6. Coin Collecting Supplies Kit

Collectors need more than coins. They also need cleaning supplies, measuring instruments, coin booklets/leaflets, display cases, coin computer software, coin handling gloves, and more.

Put together a supplies kit with all of their favorite coin collecting instruments. This gift is practical and thoughtful for a coin collecting friend.

7. Coin Show Tickets

Coin shows are a place that many coin collectors go to to find their next coin purchase, browse the many different coins available, and network with other coin collectors. Buy them tickets to a local coin show as a gift: you can even go along with them to show support for their hobby.

8. Coin Magazine Subscription

Along with coin books we mentioned earlier, you can also gift your friend a coin magazine subscription so they stay up to date with the latest coin news. Find out their favorite one and buy them a year's subscription to keep them happy until their next birthday or the next gift-giving holiday.

9. A Home Coin Safe

Coin storage is important for any collector: having the right storage is the difference between keeping coins in the best conditions and ruining coins because of improper temperature or humidity exposure.

While many collectors want to use a safety deposit box to store coins, this is quite expensive. Getting them a home safe outfitted with the right protections for coins will be well appreciated by a coin lover.

10. ANA Membership

The American Numismatic Association is one of the world's most respected coin collecting associations. Buying a membership to this organization will make your friend privy to ANA announcements, monthly issues of the ANA magazine, up to date coin values, and specialized coin education provided to members only.

10 Gifts for Coin Collectors: Wrapping Up

No matter what you decide to get your loved one, above all, they'll appreciate being heard and understood. Getting a gift that caters to their hobby and passion shows how much you understand and care for them. So whether you get all these gifts for coin collectors or just one simple coin, you know that they'll love it.

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