Now that I am more quiet, I have the time to see the beauty that is all around me. Nature, the Great Artist paints a masterpiece every morning and evening. Trees stand in their glory, firm and flexible. Flowers playfully try to out duel each other with their shade and designs. Animals set the example for people — have fun. Play more.

Now that I am more quiet, I hear better. I listen to my inner dialogue and am shocked at the negativity and criticism at times. Within this, I also experience the great opportunity to make adjustments in my conversations, particularly with self.

I also hear more clearly in the outside world. The beauty of music, from instruments and from birds. The heart-warming words of my wife when she says “I love you” are appreciated to a higher degree. I also hear one of the best sounds of them all — total silence, for in silence, Inspiration whispers her deepest secrets.

Now that I am more quiet, my feelings are more acute. I am grateful for the fact that my body is healthy and strong. When I move it, I love the feeling of power, speed and yes, even soreness. The latter lets me know I did something of value today instead of simply rusting away.

I feel the soothing emotion that comes when I pet my dog or parrots, hold my wife’s hand or just walk barefoot on the Mother Nature’s carpet called grass.

Now that I am more quiet, things are more clear.

Shut off the TV, the iPhone, the radio and create more silence.

You never know what you will hear.

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