May I Never Forget/Gratitude
Thankfully, November 11 is an annual day that is celebrated. I wonder if I would so clearly remember to be grateful without the reminder.
I am truly grateful that I did not have to live through or fight in any global wars over my lifetime, and I pray the same is true for my children, grandchildren and our lineage going forward.
This did not happen by chance.
I look back and remember with gratitude stories told to me by my grandfather and both my father and mother. They served their home lands with honour in WW! and WW2 respectfully. My grand dad and dad in the Canadian military and my mother in the British.
All came back from tours of active duty and came back scarred but healthy. They saw horrors I have listened to, but have never had to witness first hand. I am grateful.
Millions served their countries for causes they truly believed in. My family was just a part. Hundreds of thousands did not come home and today, I remember them for what they did for us.
My heart goes out to those soldiers from around the globe stationed abroad and fighting a fight I don't personally believe in. To spread a legacy that my immediate family fought for some might say.
On this, November 11, 2009 may I remember top of mind the sacrifices my family and thousands of other families made for the great life I can live today.
My family had both military and public legacies of service to others following the wars. In my own way, I am pleased to be of service to others in a free society that the military legacy helped to preserve.
May we all give thanks for a moment today? I live with gratitude- and that is an attitude hard fought for. May I never forget.

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Certified Addictions and Life Coach