Big round eyes really have a very strong attraction to women. Therefore, today, not only stopping at eyelid surgery, women also invite each other to go for surgery to เปิดหัวตา.

Although this is a very beneficial cosmetic technique, not everyone can do it arbitrarily and not everyone can widen the eyes.

Many cases have not been studied carefully, leading to ominous complications, such as eyelid margin, eye deformity, eyelid cartilage.

Accordingly, opening the corner of the eye is surgery to widen and enlarge the eyes horizontally. This technique has two types, that is, opening the inner corner of the eye and opening the outer corner of the eye.

Usually, patients choose to open the inner corner of the eye because it is safer and does not affect the eyelid cartilage like opening the outer corner of the eye.

In open eye surgery, doctors have to skilfully cut off a part of excess skin in the crease - the skin stretched across the corner of the eye, running down the side of the nose from the upper eyelid to the lower eyelid, so that the angle of the eye is wide and more harmonious.

Then suture to restore the correct anatomy and not deform the eye as well as the eyelid cartilage.

Meanwhile, the technique of opening the outer corner of the eye, although quite popular, not everyone can do it. Whether it is performed or not depends on the facial structure factors such as the distance between the eye tail and the orbital bone of the patient, the tail of the eye must not be located too close to the orbital bone to be performed.

Therefore, before proceeding, the doctor needs to carefully check and measure the distance and length of the eyes to plan the most optimal treatment. Then, depending on the type of eye, the doctor has an approach to correct it.

For example, with a slanted tail, the doctor needs to make a small incision extending the tail of the eye to the side or lower to create harmony with the face. With the tail down, it is necessary to make a small incision in the upward direction to make the eyes bigger, more even and flexible.

In addition to specifying the patient, the technique of suturing when opening the eye angle is especially important. The doctor needs to sew skilfully so that there are no scars, no recurrence and no damage to the eyes. This is really an extremely difficult and delicate surgery that requires the absolute meticulousness of the surgeon. Because just a mistake will damage the eyelid cartilage border, causing eye irritation.

Eye-opening surgery is also contraindicated in cases where the eyes are inflamed, eyelid cartilage is exposed and there are eye diseases. Therefore, before becoming a woman, you should choose a reputable practice, a doctor that is trustworthy, highly qualified and experienced.

Because there are many patients who are inappropriately prescribed or improperly opened the eye angle, the eyelid margin is broken and the eyelid cartilage is exposed, causing itching and blepharitis. This condition is really difficult to cure. Not to mention some people are left with scars that make their eyes less aesthetic.

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