It is easy to mistake something else as advice. Understanding advice and its purpose is necessary if you want to use it to increase your success.

What does advice sound like?

- It should always encourage you to move in the direction of your goal.

- It should inspire you to keep going.

- It should give you another way to accomplish your goal.

- It should open up another door that you didn’t think about before.

- It can challenge you to move out of your comfort zone.

- It should give you reassurance and build your self-belief.

Often the advice we receive is not really advice, it is someone discouraging you from trying to reach your goal. It is usually a story about someone that tried to do what you are trying and failed. If the person that is offering you advice is selling you fear, don’t be a customer. They are not helping you.

What is the purpose of it?

-It is there to help make your journey easier.

- It will shorten the learning curve and let you benefit from someone else’s experience.

- It lets you see the challenges that are ahead of you, especially the ones you were not aware of.

- It will give you viable alternatives to think about.

- It will help you make the big decisions and reassure you that you are making the right decision.

Advice should always leave you feeling grateful that you received it. It should never be negative even when it is cautionary. If the advice is not giving you some type of solution or hope then is it really advice or is it something else?

How should you use it?

-It is another option. You should consider it and ask the question “Is it adding value”.

- Look at all the options you have and see if it is going to make things easier.

- Make sure it pertains to where you are in your plan right now.

- Consider the resources needed to implement it.

- Make sure it is not taking you in a direction that changes your goal.

If it is great advice it’s a no brainer, use it!

Not all advice is usable for your plan. Not all advice will help you achieve your goal. You should always take time to consider the list above. Real advice will do all of the things in the bullets that you see. It will excite you, it will scare you and it will challenge you all at the same time. Great advice will immensely improve your ability to succeed. You should be open to it.

My advice for you is this,

Sometimes you will find the answers when you are not looking for them. Sometimes you will find the answers from an unexpected source. Be aware, listen and be open to receive knowledge randomly and at times when you don’t think you need it.

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