It was a great eye-opener to realise that very many smart people are making huge financial turnovers from what many would call nonsense. As a matter of fact, many people with money are more willing to pay for nonsense than for any other valuable. In other words, we have more people going around looking for non-sense to buy than we have those looking for valuables to buy. People with means out there will think twice before giving anyone their money for valuables they are selling. Whereas, the same people wouldn’t hesitate to give anyone money for the non-sense they are selling.

Seriously, one good thing about selling nonsense is that you don’t even have to know how to sell. As long as you have nonsense you want to sell, buyers will come flocking around. The reason why many of us don’t have buyers is because we keep trying to sell what we thinks are good for the people, why running away from nonsense. All we want to sell are the things that are common in the market. But the problem with common things is that you will have many competitors. However, dealing with non-sense, you will have little or no competitor, because nobody wants to deal on nonsense. Dealing on non-sense will make you the biggest trader; if you like, the one-and-only.

Ok, let’s go to the big question. “What is nonsense?” Non-sense, of course, is not a new coinage we are referring to. It is still the same old coinage in the English Vocabulary. Yeah, non-sense is nonsense. Well, for better understanding, let’s look at it as in two broken morphemes; non and sense. Non is an affix for not available while sense is what we can understand or comprehend; another word for attributing meaning to something. Therefore, when we use the word, nonsense, we are referring to the absence of understanding or meaning, chaotic situations, senseless, absurd, situation void of meaning etc.
Trust me, almost all wealthy people made their money from nonsense. Next time you see nonsense don’t ignore it or run away; it might just be that opportunity you have been praying for; your pathway to wealth. As a matter of fact, you have started to believe that what am writing (about) is even nonsense. And if you have not stop reading, it is because you are inquisitive or maybe you are about to stop. Please don’t, you are about to make sense of this seemingly piece of nonsense.

Non-sense is something that doesn’t make sense. Like most wealthy people who made their wealth through nonsense; all you need to do id make sense out of the nonsense. Those who are struggling to make sense out of the many sense around the world will be more than willing to pay for the sense, you have made out of nonsense. Learn to ponder upon every mess you come across because there is a message in every mess. Your wealth is hidden in the nonsense you can give sense to.
Bill Gate made sense of what to many at the time was s nonsense machine for mathematicians. No software developers could make sense out of the nonsense, so when he made sense out of it, he got heavily paid for the sense. The likes of Diego Maradona, Kanu, and others made sense of what to many was just a game of leisure and got paid for it. The teacher made sense of nonsense text books; the mechanics made sense of nonsense broken down vehicles; accountants of complex finances and so goes the list of those who make huge fortune from non-sense. They all got paid for the nonsense they gave meaning of sense to.

On every human’s complex journey for survival, there is a human nonsense. And whoever can make sense of that personalised nonsense for that human, he or she will be more than willing to pay anything. Every country, every company, every family, somehow has some kind of nonsense, they require sense for. They will pay anyone that provide the needed sense for their nonsense. Stop trivialising nonsense, make sense of it and get paid. There is nothing like common sense, every little sense is a solution to someone’s problem.

Author's Bio: 

Austin is a man who saw the future. What he saw like the biblical Prophet Ezekiel becomes fire in his bone that generates unusual passion to save the woman and the child. He is a trained research writer cum communicator whose passion and discovery gave birth to Sisters’ House of Esteem; a Christian youth movement poised to organise and build the 21st century woman and inspire the child. He has Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English and Literature from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He went through the Living Faith Church Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) where he obtained Basic Certificate Course (BCC) and Leadership Certificate Course (LCC) respectively. And his Masters in Christian Counseling and PhD in Christian Psychology both from Bible Impact University, Portugal. His exposés, researches, teachings and messages of Healing for the woman are in demand by several ladies nationwide. He knows that “healing for the woman is healing for the world” and “that the woman is the hope of the 'next'”. He presently doubles as the Coordinator General (CG), of Sisters’ House of Esteem (SHE), and a Life-Coach in Dream IntelTM. Where he has develop depth of quantum intelligence to help the woman as she help unveil the priceless future in the child.