The year 2009 has been a time of secrets coming out of the darkness into the Light. Much that has been hidden for centuries has come to the surface for all to see. Through the years, our politicians, bankers and the medical profession have been able to keep many secrets from us. This is no longer the case, and every day more secrets come to the surface.

During the last year, it has been necessary for us to be more in alignment with our soul. Things which have not been in alignment with our soul have either been brought to the Light for examination or been forced out of our lives. Things that are not in our highest good can no longer be in our energy field. This includes secrets.

Over the last week, Tiger Woods has been in the news - a lot. According to the news stories, he has been having affairs for many years with many different women. His wife discovered this secret, which caused the series of events which led to his secrets becoming public knowledge. It seems that daily a new mistress comes forward to talk about the affair that they had.

I can only imagine how humiliated Tiger must be. He thought he had been very discreet, keeping these affairs secret for many years. Now, his indiscretions are public knowledge, the butt of many jokes.

It has never been unusual for men in the public eye to have affairs. JFK was a known womanizer, but we looked the other way and pretended that nothing was happening. It was expected for these secrets to be kept as long as the man was discreet about it.

Now, things have changed.

As we come to the end of 2009 and preparing to begin 2010, the energies that have brought these secrets to the Light have made one last burst, and Tiger Woods is their image.

Tiger Woods is the symbol the Universe has chosen to represent the ending of secrets kept. Though it is tough on him to go through, his soul agreed to be this symbol so that we could all finally learn this lesson in living from our soul and living a life of truth.

What deep dark secrets are you keeping? What are you doing which is not in alignment with your soul? What is it that you need to release from your life?

As this year comes to a close, we are being shown the importance of letting go of these energies, of sending them to the Light and living from our soul. Take some time to examine your life and see what areas you need to release over the next few weeks in preparation of the new year of growth and change.

Move into 2010 ready to create the world that your soul is longing for.

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Claudia McNeely, CCHt is a gifted and caring Psychic/Healer. She has assisted millions of people world wide to heal on all levels and create the life they want. Visit her website today at to register to win a free Psychic Reading.