Recently I was leading a small group of tappers in weekly tap-togethers. Once of our main objectives was to try eliminating unhealthy junk food from our diets. When you have a weakness for a certain kind of snack food, it can be incredibly difficult to not eat that particular kind of food. Even if there aren’t any cravings involved, the mere mention of something for which you have a special liking can send you scurrying to the kitchen in search of something…sometimes anything!…if you don’t have that food in the house.


Having watched some of Paul McKenna’s videos, I knew that one of the tactics that he used to help people was what I would call aversion therapy. He used a variation of EFT to tap on that particular food, while combining it with something disgusting that would cause you to not want to eat that food.

One thing that our small group agreed on was that we needed to find a way to say no to donuts. It’s fine to drive through Dunkin Donuts and get a cup of their wonderful coffee, but when you add donuts to the equation, you’re in trouble.

I allowed my creative instincts to run wild as I created this tapping script on the fly, and several months later, not one of us has eaten a donut. Why not give the script a try if donuts are a problem for you? If your problem lies with other snack foods, try adapting the script to suit you.

Tapping Script For Saying NO To Donuts

Karate chop:

* Even though donuts are really tasty, and I love having a donut or two with my cup of coffee, I know that they’re not healthy for me, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.
* Even though there is nothing as good with my coffee as a nice fresh donut, I realize that donuts are loaded with fat, and are really bad for me, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself, but I’m ready to ditch the donuts.
* Even though donuts may taste wonderful, I know how unhealthy it is to eat them, and that they’re clogging up my arteries with each bite that I take, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself as I search for a healthy alternative to donuts.

Eyebrow: I love to have donuts with my coffee
Side of eye: Fresh donuts are so yummy
Under eye: But I know that donuts are loaded with fat
Under nose: Fat that clogs my arteries
Chin: Donuts are loaded with sugar too
Collar bone: So many calories in each little bite
Under arm: Donuts are delicious
Top of head: But I know how really bad they are for me.

Eyebrow: They cook donuts in oil
Side of eye: Huge vats of oil
Under eye: I can see those donuts floating around
Under nose: Bobbing in all that oil
Chin: Bobbing for donuts
Collar bone: In that smelly, smoking, throat choking, boiling oil!
Under arm: So much fat in those donuts
Top of head: That’s really disgusting!

Eyebrow: I do love my donuts
Side of eye: But I’m ready to give them up
Under eye: All that fat and sugar
Under nose: Is really bad for me
Chin: Still seeing those donuts bobbing in hot fat
Collar bone: And thinking about how disgusting that is
Under arm: Choosing to look for a more healthy alternative
Top of head: And saying NO to fatty, sugary donuts from now on.

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Pat Burns is an EFT Practitioner in Tallahassee, Florida who specializes in working with those with self esteem issues, inner child issues, and adoption related issues. You can contact Pat at and visit her website at