In the class of a couple of worldwide acclaimed Colleges, scattering training to enhance, think basic and novel, teaching scientific capacities; NMIMS, Navi Mumbai is the undisputed torchbearer. Understudies here are aroused to bite and process new information in the interdisciplinary space of algorithmic business thinking, innovation technique, advanced showcasing and web-based entertainment examination, information investigation, computerized reasoning, business and corporate regulations, IPR, sciences and bookkeeping.
The meeting of NMIMS in the field of advanced education is a model. Foraying in advanced education to grant state of the art the board schooling, NMIMS has transformed into a force to be reckoned with of shrewdness, scholarly people and expert craftsmanship. The College solidly has confidence in Abeunt studia in mores, for example concentrates on pass into and impact habits. The understudies are mixed with perseverance, accuracy and vision. The College, with a minister energy and excitement to pursue open doors of value and equivalent instruction to remote of the country, has thought of grounds at Shirpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Navi Mumbai and Dhule. To cross the way of multidisciplinary schooling, which is the sign of present day training reasoning, NMIMS Navi Mumbai offers programs in Business The executives, Drug store, Innovation The board and Designing, Cordiality, Engineering, Science, Trade, Financial matters and Regulation. With a promise to scholarly and social change through information, NMIMS Navi Mumbai has developed the way of life of comprehensive improvement of the board abilities in understudies through social, social and experiential variety. NMIMS Navi Mumbai is an accomplice in the public mission of training for the making of a superior world.
The corporate ecosphere, full of vulnerability, hurls energizing and strengthening difficulties to the youthful age. The difficulties have been existential as well as agitating on occasion. The pro directors of NMIMS understudy society, prepared in the double ability of Indian otherworldly pith and contemporary western training, have ruled in different corporate obligations. They have guaranteed that at the peak of achievement, their names are generally writ huge.
The acquiring and abilities improvement conferred at NMIMS goes far past the unidimensional scholastic methodology. A multi-faceted, imaginative technique which has major areas of strength for its on "Comprehensive Improvement of The board Abilities" teaches horizontal reasoning. A comprehensive methodology teaches an unmistakable and sought-after capability in the understudies - balance between serious and fun activities - overseeing self, family and work successfully and effectively. Upright and capable experts who convey greatness in all circles actually and expertly. Self-improvement programs ("Coordinated Yoga Practices and Power Yoga) are coordinated couple with contemporary business space studios ('Smac', Problematic Advancements, Business Investigation, Computerized Promoting, Internet business). Customary industry visits, Provincial drenching and "We Give it a second thought" with NGOs guarantee an optimal mix of all encompassing administration abilities with Indian ethos and values in a worldwide business climate. The consistent undertaking at NMIMS Naci Mumbai is to give top notch foundation, prominent industry experienced workforce combined with a sound teaching method and dynamic educational plan, routinely custom fitted to be in a state of harmony with the changing business needs. Furnished with state of the art current scholarly offices like the Library including e-diaries and admittance to worldwide exploration paper distributions and diaries, broad e-Data sets and Bloomberg, PC lab, Language lab, Cafeteria, Yoga room, Music room, Gym and Sports offices, the grounds is genuinely worldwide in its viewpoint and framework.
Laid out in the midst of picturesque, flawless and unspoiled common habitat, gave with remarkable foundation, NMIMS Navi Mumbai is an island of composure amidst the hustle-clamor of the monetary capital of India. The grounds is a dream, an encapsulation of class and stylish and a tasteful treat to eyes.
The Navi Mumbai grounds is a compositional wonder - delightful, utilitarian as well as down to earth in plan. The grounds radiates Indian ethos and social qualities. It likewise simultaneously soaks up the western instruction model with its accentuation on expertise improvement to guarantee that the understudies are changed as pioneers who can flourish in the midst of the difficult elements of a tempestuous global business climate.

SVKM's NMIMS Navi Mumbai Grounds intends to characterize the 21st Century Mechanical, The executives and Authoritative Exploration forward leaps and give schooling which integrates the best worldwide scholastic practices. Our undertaking is to sustain and foster superior grade worldwide residents who add new aspects to thought authority.
SVKM's NMIMS Navi Mumbai's main goal is to reinforce the groundwork of corporate India by creating outstanding and capable HR who are socially insightful, curious and have the constancy to change fate - as far as themselves might be concerned, their association, their nation and around the world. We try to cultivate careful experts who conceive India as an information super power and work to make the world a superior spot.
We will achieve this through best worldwide scholarly practices, imaginative and applicable examination, underwriting social correspondence and a worldwide understudy outreach program which guarantees worldwide admittance to all understudies and staff.
Our conviction is that learning is generally fulfilling, when information and ability is shared across disciplines and foundations. We rouse imagination and variety as this gives a state of the art benefit to proficient training and this is appeared in the organization of the understudy body of SVKM's NMIMS Navi Mumbai Grounds .
We accept that development is the way to advance in the cutting edge world. We are undaunted in our quest for greatness and we unendingly endeavor to modernize and take on best worldwide scholarly practices in the space of schooling and exploration.
At long last, our confidence in a solid worth framework based on the mainstays of realism, support and reasonableness characterizes the SVKM's NMIMS Navi Mumbai Grounds culture and makes it the best setting for learning and improvement.
The acquiring and abilities improvement bestowed at NMIMS goes far past the unidimensional scholarly methodology. A multi-faceted, inventive philosophy which has serious areas of strength for its on "Comprehensive Improvement of The board Abilities" instills sidelong reasoning. An all encompassing methodology teaches a particular and sought-after capability in our understudies - balance between fun and serious activities - overseeing self, family and work successfully and effectively. The understudies are grown genuinely, intellectually, sincerely and expertly prepared to change into upright and capable experts who convey greatness in all circles by and by and expertly.

Chancellor's Message -
The breathtaking excursion of SVKM's Narsee Monjee Organization of The executives Studies (NMIMS) from an administration establishment to a Considered to-be-College has been a consequence of joined exertion and supported difficult work of a few people. It has involved honor pride to serve and add to the instructive clique.
SVKM's NMIMS Navi Mumbai grounds arises as a dynamic seat of scholastic and expert greatness, and is ascending as an organization know for its creative methodology, participative culture and scholarly thoroughness with the core value to deliver most capable Business Supervisors.
NMIMS has not just strived to bestow quality training to its understudies yet additionally impart in them the upsides of life which assist them with turning out to be better people. In more than thirty years of its brilliant history, NMIMS has been the Place of graduation for a few famous and effective experts, business visionaries and industrialists all over the planet.
In such a powerful climate where the opposition is furious. NMIMS, Navi Mumbai grounds has been an organization which is established on the rule of comprehensive advancement of understudies to succeed in their corporate and individual life.
The scholastic projects at the school have been carefully planned by the specialists in the corporate business and the scholarly world. The school likewise gives a flourishing examination climate to its understudies. The balanced instructing learning environment guarantees that the method involved with learning reaches out past the educational plan to the useful working experience.
We thus invite enrollment specialists to visit the grounds and select our understudies, giving them a potential chance to create and additionally expand upon their force to be reckoned with of equipped business supervisors.

Chief's Message -
SVKM's NMIMS - Institute of Business The board is an exceptional Administration Organization and reliably positioned among the main ten Business colleges in the country. The establishment has continued on diligently to combine the very best speculations and practices of The executives training and thus, draws in the best abilities in the country in the field of Business The board.
The foundation has an authentic standing and its quest for greatness is best. The NMIMS brand spells greatness and is among the most famous instructive stalwarts in the country. All our scholastic projects are reliably positioned among the main 10 organizations in the country.
NMIMS Navi Mumbai, with its declared witticism of "Advancement of Comprehensive Administration Abilities", has particularly redone educational programs and teaching method for understudies are at the edge of expert life and need diverse dexterity to keep them grounded as well as to fly assistance them. NMIMS Navi Mumbai is focused on sustaining pioneers and business visionaries who will enable their associations in the worldwide economy. Simultaneously, the Organization remains profoundly obligated to and implanted in the ethos and upsides of Indian administration framework with worldwide direction. Our leading body of studies and scholastic gathering has proactive investment from top industry pioneers and academicians. We are focused on giving an all encompassing administration improvement to the future corporate experts and business visionaries with very much leveled up abilities, inspirational perspective and fearlessness.
The class of 2019-2021 has developed from fortitude to quality and has advanced into experts who presently anticipate a chance to demonstrate their legitimacy. I'm sure that our understudies will do right by your association and will be a resource for your association.
Our graduated class have set new benchmarks, succeeded at all assignments shared with them and marvelously raised the possibilities of the associations where they work. We have gotten numerous unconstrained appreciation letters from the corporates vouching for the qualifications of our graduated class in examination with other administration students.
I thus, guarantee you that our understudies will keep on delivering a similar degree of execution in your regarded association.
Programs -
School of Innovation The board and Designing
B. Tech
MBA (Tech.)

School of The board

School of Trade
B.Sc. - Money

School of Financial matters
B.Sc. - Financial matters

School of Regulation
B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)/B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)

School of Science
B.SC. APPLIED Brain research

School of Math, Applied Insights and Examination
Single guys Projects - B. Sc. (Applied Measurements and Investigation)
B.Sc. (Hon's) Man-made brainpower
B.Sc. Information Science

School of Hospitaliy and The board
BBA - Cordiality Tasks and The board
Contact Us -
Address: Plot No. 2, near Pethpada Metro Station, Pethapada,
Sector 33, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210
T: +9122 35476550
Web: www.nmims.edu/navimumbaicampus

For map - https://www.nmimsnavimumbai.org/contact-us/

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