Building responsiveness in your prospect is what NLP Rapport is really about in a sales situation. Using pacing and leading, opening anticipation loops and covert hypnosis are some of the techniques used to build responsiveness above and beyond usual matching and mirroring.

Being able to turn negative feelings into positive motivations would be an advantage in a sales environment. NLP tell us that we can have the choice about how we feel about an event and there are many NLP tools that can help you do this. Maybe you would like to put down all your fear of rejection, failure and low self esteem and replace them with excitement and confidence in yourself, the product and your sales process.

It might be useful to be able to use these NLP tools for yourself, but consider the possibilities when you have learnt to do that same with others whether your sales team or customers. Every sales professional would like the ability to be able to get people interested, curious and excited about themselves, their products and their company.

A route to more and better sales would be to understand the values, beliefs and motivations of your customers. The basics of NLP are about being able to uncover just these sorts of things. Underneath a person's behavior is the answer to why they might buy one product and yet reject another. A good NLP Practitioner Course could teach you how to uncover the deepest needs of your customer and then attach your product or service to that need.

Language is just one filter that we use to encode meaning on our experience. The word is that we use and the way that we use them set the direction in our minds. The same is true for anything that I might say and see you to listen to will set a direction in your mind. By understanding this process you can move the minds of your prospect in particular directions. What this means in practice is that you can get people excited about things, bypass arguments and objections and even change beliefs. A simple NLP Hypnotic Language Technique such as future pacing can eliminate buyer's remorse or bypass expense to focus on results and returns. Having hypnotic persuasion tactics is a powerful addition to a sales professional's tool kit.

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