The NLP presuppositions have formed the foundation of belief about ourselves and the world we live in. This is the guides to help us in facing every situation in life in order to maximize our capability to achieve the success. For an introduction to NLP Presuppositions, please see the article NLP Presuppositions 1. This article presents another 5 presuppositions that very useful in life. The below is another 5 that will definitely rock your world!

NLP Presuppositions 6: The meaning of a communication is the response you get.
The meaning of our communication is not our subjective opinion or what we means, more important, are the response we get. Meaning to say, you can keep changing the way how you communicate with others until you get the response you desire.

NLP Presuppositions 7: People always make the best choice available to them at the time.
When there are choices available, people always tend make the better choice at the time with best of the knowledge & resources available. It doesn’t mean that the choice we made is always will bring the outcome we desired, but at least the that point of time we were expecting the best outcome will be produced from that decision. NLP will provide more choices for us in order to make the choice that can bring us the result that we want.

NLP Presuppositions 8: The mind and body are inseparable.
Have you experience that if you fall in sick, you will be in moody state by which you will not easily feel motivated in taking any challenge? This is because the mind and the body is inevitably affect each other. They are dependent on each other and form a cybernetic whole.

NLP Presuppositions 9: We have respect of other person’s model of the world.
Everybody have their own internal perception or their own world of “reality”, it is created from experiences. However, the experience is very subjective and doesn’t “real” for others. So, in order to main the rapport of the relationship for each other, we have to respect others model of their own world.

NLP Presuppositions 10: The widest range of behaviors or choices controls the system.
Most of the people fail in communicate with others is due to inflexibility in the way of interacting. The ability to be more flexible in communicating with others will provide wider range of response we get. With keep changing the way how we communicating will definitely increasing the chances to get the result we want.

To sum up, all the nlp presuppositions is the core principle & guideline in developing advance nlp techniques. These presuppositions will form a belief that will empower us in dealing most of the life challenge and reveal the real potential inside us. With belief change, all the behaviors will subsequently affected with positive change. It will ultimately produce the pattern of excellent that will help us in pursuing the success that we desired for such a long time. With this, you will find that you will be stronger than you can think of yourselves.

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