Rapport is the capability to create the trust by understanding & respecting someone’s world of reality, and this can make you to have a strong common bond in order to take a lead in any conversation or persuasion to the direction that you want.

A successful communication is largely depend techniques involve to achieve the desire outcome. Fail in communication normally due to ineffective way of interaction, or inflexibility in dealing with someone else. But this can be recovered a learned from NLP Rapport Building Techniques, by which and proven way of communication & interactive to attain the result wanted.

The most basic foundation in communication is trust and understanding. But how to create instant trust without spend years? Here that is:

1) Body languages Matching (Gesture, Posture, Tiny Movement, Breathing, and Facial Expression)
The easiest way to create the instant trust is to do it by using body language, like modeling the gesture, posture, tiny movement, breathing, and facial expression. By follow the body movement can always make someone feel comfortable with your presence, because people are always like the people that are alike.

2) Auditory Modeling (Voice, Tonality, Pace, Rhythm, Volume, Pitch)
Matching the auditory part may subconsciously create the bond between you and someone, especially if that person is heavily using the auditory modality in communication. But you need not to model all, just choose one to match will do.

3) Word Matching
The same word can carry different meaning for different people. This can be explained by the world of reality of someone is different from each to another. For instance, “rejection” can mean a failure a person but can be a challenging job for another.

The NLP rapport building techniques here teach us that to use the exact word that said by the person that you want to build the rapport. Word can mean someone’s value or belief as well. By using the exact words, even phrases, you can always make sure you are on track of someone’s thinking pattern. Because the thinking pattern is nothing but is a series of internal dialogue. Dialogue use word to communication with them. With this, the relationship can be created faster.

4) Experience Matching
This is a nlp rapport building techniques that teach us how experience could create the bond easier and faster. Remember, the more similarity you have with someone, the easier the trust can be established. Experience is some event happens in the past and that create someone’s history. With similar experiences in the past can speed the climate of trust and understand. Quote an example, if you were an insurance agent and looking a successful selling skill training program, you will take up a course conducted by an insurance underwriting officer or an proven successful insurance entrepreneur?

In summary, we are communicating every day, our success depend on the quality of howwe interact with other in fulfilling other people needs, then getting what you want. All this will not happen unless trust is created. So, the NLP rapport building techniques is a proven and highly effective way of creating the climate of trust. Remember, you must pace, before you lead.

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