Thinking that they’re off the hook if a sibling is doing the primary care

Although it's rare for siblings to care for a parent equally, ideally, it should be a family responsibility. Not treating it as such will haunt you later on, even if you live far away from your ailing parent. Sometimes if the parent is residing at a nursing home or an assisted living facilities Houston, this can alleviate that concern.

Not appreciating and supporting the main caregiver

Many caregivers complain that their siblings criticize what they do. However, it’s widely known that emotional support is the most crucial factor to a caregiver's emotional well-being. Any legitimate concerns should be phrased delicately to avoid being interpreted as a criticism.

Giving in to the misconception that you shouldn't have to ask

If you're the one who’s the primary provider of your parent's care, sometimes you may wonder why your siblings aren’t living up to your expectations in regards to the help you need. This can be a very unrealistic expectation because it assumes that all siblings should feel the same way about their parent.

Assuming that your siblings are the same people they were when you were children
If you approach your siblings as adults, they may surprise you.

Returning to childhood roles

Sometimes, the older sibling who always took care of everything may take on the bulk of the responsibility, while the younger siblings, out of practice, may let them do so unquestioningly.

Not realizing that disagreements may be caused by the parent, not the sibling
It may not be intentional, but parents can divide their adult children. It's also not uncommon for parents to tell children alternating variations of the “how-they're-doing” story, which can create conflict.

Not planning for future events

End-of-life care is something that few people like to discuss, or even think about. Avoiding the subject until it's on top of you is a huge mistake and an even take a toll on the interpersonal relationships of the siblings. This can even be as simple as finding the proper nursing home, hospice, or assisted facility for your loved one.

Misunderstandings about inheritance

The vast majority of parents leave divide their money equally to their children, no matter who has any preconceived notions of seniority. Occasionally, parents will distribute money unequally and this can spark hard feelings. It’s important to schedule discussions to work out any issues that might cause resentment down the line.

Assuming everyone has the same process of mourning

A parent’s death can come with many different ranges of emotions. If you have a sibling that doesn’t seem to be grieving openly, that doesn't mean he/she isn’t having a difficult time. Research has shown that there are gender differences in regards to mourning amongst other situational and cultural factors.

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