It’s that time of year when everyone is thinking what they can do to make this next year the best it can be. People make resolutions in the hopes that they are going to successfully make a positive change in their lives. Some choose to lose weight, get into shape, own a home, and stop smoking or maybe just getting a better job. Whatever you choose for your resolution you want it to make a positive influence in your life so that the New Year will start off on the right foot and be the best it can be.

The New Year is seen as a fresh start in the world so everyone wants to get on board and make fresh starts in their lives too. What better place to make a fresh start at or to improve at than your marriage or relationship with the one you love.
Here in the Abilene area, there are countless people that have a poetic sense about them; they can write poems to satisfy the lover in them and the dark one in them as well as the unmovable spirit or maybe just their inner child.

But did you know that we also have some very romantic people here that have the same talent of writing poetry as any other? It’s true; in fact, I am talking about any of you. If you have ever written a poem for any reason, no matter how long ago it was or for what reason it was you have that in you. You can bring it out and that talent can be used to improve your relationship.

Even if it is not on the rocks as we go into this New Year it would be nice to add to what is already awesome, wouldn’t it? Sure it would, anyone would jump at the chance to make their relationship with their lover even better.

One of the best ways to improve on your relationship is to add a romantic touch to it and what better tool to use for that than poetry! Poetry is a timeless tool that people have used to spice up the romance in their lives for centuries.

Something as simple as a two-line poem can be enough to make your partner smile and feel closer to you and a poem written about her eyes can really bring on the love! Here is a great example of a love poem that you could use and just change the words some to make it personal and yours. From the author's personal vault:

The love I have for you

The love I have for you, it flows stronger than a rushing mountain stream, and you say it all seems like a dream, like some romantic dream.
But a dream isn’t forever and the love I have for you will never end.
The beginning of a wish come true, the start of something so new is the love I have...for you.
-Merlyn Seeley Copyright 2011

If poetry is new to you but you resolve to add some spice to your relationship anyway using it, then maybe you could use some help in putting a poem or two together. Some of the best places to get information on how to write a great poem and samples you use as a template are our libraries we have here.

At the main library on Cedar Street here in Abilene, you can go and find all the books you need that will get you started on this resolution. Also, there has been circulating recently in the main library about a local poet that is coming to the library sometime in January 2011 and holding a poetry workshop. You might ask the librarian about that and gather some information.

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