With a New Year approaching, you must begin with reflections and resolutions. Look back over where you’ve been and make plans for where you want to go. Critical to your success, though, is what’s happening in each given moment. Stephen R. Frey, creator of NeverSendAResume.com, has published a complimentary workbook to provide you a personal roadmap to profit during the coming year.
Fort Wayne, Indiana -- There are over 81 million people unemployed worldwide. Don't even think about the tens, if not hundreds of millions additional people that are underemployed.

More than just depressing, these facts are downright scary.

How much longer can we pretend that jobs are going to miraculously appear out of thin air? How much longer can we keep kidding ourselves into believing that automation, recession, globalization, and the mounting need for skills in this New Labor Economy has not forever changed the world we live in?

Afraid the recession is here to stay a bit longer? If so, you’re not alone. Economists and Futurists are all over the map predicting doom and gloom on one-hand and recovery and good times on the other. And, even if the economy hasn’t hit rock bottom in your part of the country, it has slowed down—significantly—in many states.

20 to 40 million Americans change jobs every year. Competition for jobs is tougher than ever with the struggling economy and global competition ensures that the rules will change again tomorrow and again next week.

What should you do to make this your best year ever? You could use the same dynamic strategy you used last year and the year before, but for most people, that’d be a big mistake. Because over the last few years the rules of business have changed and what used to work doesn’t work anymore. The current economy has created a whole new set of obstacles. It’s like navigating down a once smooth river that’s now full of jagged boulders that are threatening to sink your life and the business you’re in.

There are new rules for profiting in a slowly recovering economy -- a new economy in which your people are buried in information every day, budgets are tight, and people are more skeptical than ever. This new, free ebook tells you how to begin your personal plan for having a great 2011!

If you're ready to start this New Year with an explosive momentum and take your productivity and success to a new level, then this free ebook can definitely help you make it happen.

To obtain a complimentary copy of “ECONOMIC RECOVERY 2011 - How You Can Personally Profit From The Coming Economic Recovery” :

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