If you have experienced a traumatic event or series of events that you have not really recovered from, you may be suffering from PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. You don’t feel like you did before the incident, you are easily triggered, too guarded to connect with your family, fearful, having flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, and self medicating. These are just a few of the symptoms that can disrupt your life and the biggest fear is that you will never return to normal again.

Some of the traumatic events that can leave a person with PTSD are sexual abuse, natural disasters, car or plane crashes, kidnapping, violent assaults, combat, physical abuse, and medical procedures.

Immediate relief is now available to end your suffering. There is a new way the psychological pain of this disorder can be dealt with that will not re-create the same nightmare you are already living in over and over as a means to resolve it.

It is called Restructuring Therapy and it is nothing like the traditional flooding, desensitization, implosive, and exposure therapies.

Traditional treatment may include psychotherapy (supportive and exposure therapy) and antidepressants. Restructuring therapy does not use these techniques but relies on reformatting the mind itself toward to more functional integration.

Restructuring therapy is able to permanently relieve the underlying fears, triggers, traumas, and memories that create and sustain the terrors, hypervigilance, nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, and intense physical reactions.

Rather than making the person be re-traumatized and re-imprinted by re-living the experience multiple times with behavior therapy or psychiatric exposure therapy, a new medical modality has been developed that deletes the underlying causes of PTSD that does not use flooding and therefore is non-imprinting and non-traumatic.

Desensitization or Implosive Therapy, using forced exposure in which the patient imagines or is exposed to anxiety producing stimuli, triggers presented in intense forms with the presentations continuing until the stimuli no longer produce disabling anxiety, seems to me to be a cruel and illogical way to diminish the fear response.

The belief is that by overloading or flooding the person's psyche with the dreaded event or object, anxiety is depleted and the patient can learn to cope with “largely irrational fear.” These are the current beliefs.

Contrary to this, I believe number one, that since PTSD stems from real time events not imaginings, I do not consider the resulting fears and phobias to be irrational ones. Therefore using a rational approach by removing the sources of the fears and the triggered responses, using Restructuring Deletion Protocols that are immediate and permanent is a more efficient and less psychically disturbing approach.

Aversive Conditioning, i.e., systematic desensitization by introducing coping mechanisms to handle the phobias and anxiety becomes unnecessary since the causality of the stress induced phobic reactions have been deleted from the mind with Deletion Protocols.

Instead of these traditional methods of handling PTSD’s maladaptive anxiety, restructuring the subconscious mind does not result in making the traumatic program larger or deepening the imprint on the psyche. The subconscious mind has no program to fire as a first reaction to stress during similar circumstances. In fact, through the removal and flattening of the energy flowing thru the memories and fears attached to the events that cause the triggers to fire, and the deletion of the events themselves and all associated programs wired to the events, the triggers themselves cease to exist. They are effectively removed from cellular memory in the body mind system thus freeing the person to live a normal life.

Installing a restructured mental concept into the subconscious mind containing beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that are the opposite polarity of the deleted program, provides supportive therapy without the need for psychogenic drugs like antidepressants, SSRIs, and MAOIs.

Further, by removing the triggers for anxiety, distress and fear, it is not necessary to control or medicate these powerful stressors away.

To complete the Restructuring therapy, not on-going talk therapy, provides many new and diverse psychological perspectives relating to the incident and effective reframes from which the client can choose relevant to the entire complex of areas affected.

Handling survivor guilt, self contempt, self punishment, misplaced blame, misperceived causality, are also tractable to treatment and deletion with Restructuring Therapy.

In the preferred method discussed above, rather than integrating the painful memories into the personality, it is more advantageous to permanently terminate the painful memories. Energy and attention may then be concentrated on integrating the healthy aspects of the personality with the part of self that is already whole and completely aware that its own creative intelligence can take control of the human situation and not only resolve it, but learn from it to prevent repetitive life patterns, and create better circumstances from which to source life in the future.

Additionally, discovering and removing or restructuring identities that may be contributing to the mental constructs keeping you trapped in the past, provides fresh perspectives and opportunities for transforming your point of reference for life and more importantly, for yourself.

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