With all the travel websites on the net it can be very discouraging when searching for Hotel Discounts now that Parity Rates are being enforced.

Hotels Etc., the closed loop loyalty reward program that helps people get impressive discounts on travel and hotel stays, is offering impressive discounts off parity rates. Hoteliers are counting on them to sell their inventory faster at discounted rates.

“Most consumers are unaware of the fact that nobody can discount hotels or travel except closed loop programs, membership clubs and or loyalty programs,” says the spokesperson for Hotels Etc. “We have emerged as the favorite destination of holiday travelers because they are assured of finding discounts below parity rate and loyalty programs here. Even hoteliers are turning to us to help sell their inventory at a discounted rate.”

Rate parity demands are going down following pressure from regulators across the globe. This situation is allowing hotels to drive guests to OTAs through closed user groups. For the consumers, rate parity gives them that much-needed assurance that you have to be involved with a closed loop program to receive discounts.

Hotels Etc. appears to be the right place to book the best hotel rooms at the lowest price even when the holiday and travel season is at its peak. The portal has over two decades of experience in the industry and is the trusted resource of customers looking for low priced hotel bookings.
Hotels Etc. has tie-ups with the top hotels across the globe. Consumers can get the good discounts on hotel stays, condos, resorts, entertainment, fine dining at restaurants, and shopping here.

Most hoteliers and travel sites are not interested in offering discounts to their customers, preferring parity rates instead. They want to make sure that their huge inventory is sold well in advance of the holiday and travel season. They depend on Hotels Etc. to sell their inventory at a discount rate. Consumers who are unaware of these developments could end up paying double the price for a hotel reservation of a trip if they are not careful.

Travelers choosing Hotels Etc. can benefit from the loyalty reward program offered by them and get as much as 70% discount off parity rates. http://www.hotelsetc.com to learn more about receiving discounts off parity rates.

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Hotels Etc. was founded in 1996, with an ambition of catering to people to enjoy travel and hotel stay during holiday season and other travel and fun times at a low rate. The company has been doing precisely that and quite successfully for many years now. They figure among the largest travel and entertainment discount clubs today and attract heavy booking from consumers who want to maximize the value of their travel money.