The recent violence in Karachi has urged industrialists and businessmen to shift their business and families to other cities and consequently the real estate values in cities like Lahore and Islamabad have experienced a boost. While the middle class people are also planning to move to other cities in the near future. The impact of this migration is clearly visible in form of surging real estate prices in commercial as well as residential sector of Lahore. Pakistan real estate has noticed a sudden increase in demand for commercial land and homes in the developed and posh areas of Lahore and its outskirts.
This situation is favouring Lahore real estate but experts are not happy with such trend as this boost is on the expense of another one’s loss. Once the law and order is maintained in Karachi, Lahore real estate will experience a downturn. No one has any doubts that Karachi is the business hub of Pakistan and it takes full advantage by utilizing its harbour to boost its businesses. Some of the reasons why everyone must keep good aspirations about Karachi and stay hopeful about the future of Karachi Real Estate market are discussed here.
A global stage!
The overall situation of properties in Pakistan is not that encouraging but the political turmoil has given a severe shock to Karachi real estate. There is hardly good news to win back people’s trust but real estate experts do have strong faith in the city. Karachi is the business centre of Pakistan and no one can deny its importance. International investors are willing to invest in Pakistan and once the security issue is resolved, the city will become much attractive for the people all around the globe. Eventually all eyes will be keeping a watch on the property buying and selling trends in the city and seeking ways to invest in Karachi real estate.
Karachi’s Culture!
Karachi’s population has crossed the count of 13 million and millions of these people are those who left their native cities and chose to earn and live in Karachi. It is a clear indication that people love culture, corporate activities and scenic beauty of the city. The residents of Karachi do not compare themselves with that of any other city and this is a clear indication of their love and pride for being the residents of Karachi. If some of the residents feel forced to migrating to any other place, the worth of Karachi real estate and its business activities remains. People will keep a tab on upcoming real estate projects and property value in Karachi.
Law & Order situation!
Law & order situation has always been much better in Lahore but every Pakistani is anticipating the next election. If the government changes, new cabinet will take certainly take serious interest in restoring law and order situation in Karachi. Everyone is hopeful that new government will not only bring changes but also implement these changes to restore the beauty of city. If government wants to improve the image of Pakistan on international forum, it is important to improve the security situation in Karachi.

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