Energy is always changing. We can see that very simply in the seasons, time of day, and how one reacts to these changes. In a specific form of feng shui analysis (flying star), a feng shui master can evaluate how energy in a space impacts one. The forecast below is a generalized summary of the energetic activity for the New Year that starts February 4th. Specific data can only be obtained through measurements of one’s home (facing direction and year structure built) and interpreted by a competent consultant.

February (2011) - In this system the year energy changes February 4th - solar calendar based on Nature or the midpoint between the Winter solstice and spring equinox:

The New Year 2011 represents the red 7 star. The red star, trigram Dui, represents the youngest female. It relates to the mouth, teeth, lungs, large intestine and the skin. The nature of Dui is tranquil, graceful, and playful. Its concentration is the good things in life and enjoying the fruits of your labor. The trigram bit depicts receptivity to spirit or even psychic influence. It actually has a close association with the intuitive sciences like feng shui. It has a natural creative and inspiring energy. In this current period (2004-2024) the 7 star is rather inauspicious and can lead to robbery, fire, and trouble with the law. Since it takes its' position in the center square (center) of home for the year, then the entire household is open to this energy. Let's see how this energy moves through the 8 portents of direction for the year.

Energy for 8 Portents 2011:

Since this is a system based on the laws of nature, we look at the other directions that are infused with daily energy from the sun.

North Direction: There is potential for a business deal this year; however, the energy is potentially excitable that can lead to windfalls or arguments and potential litigation. Keep a watch. If all is well, then no need to do anything. If things are excitable, then calm the energy by adding a fire element. Simply place a few candles in the North portent of the home for the entire year.

Southwest Direction: This is a difficult energy for this year that can cause potential problems especially for the matriarch/eldest female. There is a fighting energy here between family members and perhaps directly dealing with the mother's romance/marriage. The best way to head off this problematic energy is to place additional fire elements (2 candles) in the southwest portent of the home. Pairing the candles will help to drain this energy and build romance.

East Direction: There is a problematic energy here for this year that can bring illness/Murphy's law potentially to the eldest male. The areas of vulnerability are specifically the legs, feet and muscles. To ease this energy, place metal & virtual water elements (seashells). Use specifically bronze metal and ring a bell frequently here this year to break up the energy.

Southeast Direction: The energy here this year is fantastic and especially for the eldest daughter. Achievement and leadership qualities are a potential especially when it comes to spreading ideas even for potential profit. The direction is causing this energy to wane. Add fire and earth here for the year (candle & stones).

Center: This area has very problematic energy for the year. There is potential for theft, accidental injury or even a fire. Keep this area open and organized. If there is a fireplace or heating element towards the center of the home make sure it is in good repair. The body parts vulnerable are the lungs, mouth, teeth, skin and large intestines. All occupants are susceptible to this type of energy. Abate with virtual water (seashells or a glass vase works).

Northwest Direction: Another great area of energy for the year pointing to money and finances through networking and contacts especially for the patriarch. The direction is draining the money star. To release and gain income add a fire element (candle) and place moving water (water fountain or fish bowl) for the year here.

West Direction: This is another wonderful area for energy this year and specifically for finances and promotion in one's career. You need to infuse creative aspects and have some fun in order for things to flow. The 9 purple star resides here for the year and loses energy. You may correct this by adding virtual water (seashell) and wood here for the year.

Northeast Direction: There is also great energy in this direction impacting the youngest son. This will be a great area for studying and doing homework to become very successful in school. The direction is fighting this energy so to release place a metal element here for the year.

South Direction: There is a very problematic energy here that can bring about abdominal illness, cardiovascular problems or eye ailments especially for the middle female. In order to abate this energy one will need to add a metal object and specifically bronze metal for the year. The direction is fueling this negative energy so your cure is important.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Jane Kasliner is a Master Feng Shui Consultant practicing in Ocean, N.J. She is the Director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui , a Gold member school with the International Feng Shui Guild. President of Body Space Alignment and the author of several books and new Design Fneg Shui E-kit. To learn more about Mary Jane visit her website: