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This just in! A new study clearly shows a therapeutic role for a new antioxidant called SkQ1 and SkQ1- new compounds in mitochondrial diseases such as aging.
This study also demonstrates new evidence for the ROS (reactive oxygen species) hypothesis of aging:“A classical hypothesis for aging was that mitochondrial cellular damage would result in increased ROS (reactive oxygen species ) production that in its turn would increase mitochondrial oxidative damage that then in a deleterious cycle, would augment itself. However, this idea has lost general acceptance in recent years. A not insignificant reason for this has been reports from studies of the mtDNA mutator mice that the mitochondria seemingly do not display enhanced ROS production or enhanced oxidative damage. However, studies such as the present one do imply that oxidative damage may be important for the aging characteristics observed, at least in the mtDNA mutator mice, and these studies may thus resurrect the ROS hypothesis for aging. They found increased longevity in the SkQ1-treated mtDNA mutator mice. Although these mice may correctly be considered an artificial model, the marked effects of SkQ1 treatment would imply that counteracting ROS damage could be one factor leading to prolonged life. There are indeed indications that treatment with targeted antioxidants such as SkQ1 not only are effective against specified diseases or in artificial models but may also prolong lifespan in general, in wild-type animals”. This has been conducted in lab animals and dogs.
The takeaway in this not easy to understand preclinical paper is yes, a new compound will be coming on the market soon after clinical studies in humans are conducted by Professor Skulachev in Moscow. The scientist reports that he has successfully tested the anti-aging compound on himself and hopes to make it available to the public within the next two years. Skulachev’s new anti-aging compound has already undergone substantial animal testing and is now in the first stages of a clinical trial on humans at Moscow State University.

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