Paying attention to our intuition from the beginning can save us from a lot of heartache.

I love this quote by Oprah Winfrey:

"In little whispers... your intuition is telling you something. Did you not pay attention? The universe will speak to you a little louder - with a little tap on the shoulder. Then you get hit in the head by a "brick". Still not paying attention? A brick falls on you. Still not hearing it? Then you experience a full-blown earthquake".

Most of us, if not all, has sometimes got the 'brick' fallen upon us, and although I have always had a very strong intuition and I trust it 100%, there has been times in my past where I too have ignored it.

All of us sometimes encounter times in our lives where we hesitate a bit and feel doubt, and even if I trust my intuition and never let it come to the point where I'm actually "hit by the brick" anymore, I too sometimes feel confusion about what the inner voice its telling me.

Maybe you too have been living your life and all have been all right, when suddenly everything just felt plain "wrong" - the feeling of being thrown into a vacuum of not knowing which way to turn.

These are the times we could turn to God to show us the way forward.

"Thy will be done" is a very powerful statement - but it's something we humans tend to surrender to occasionally and then take it back when we get struck by fearful thoughts.

We can chose to listen to our intuition and trust it, even if we have no clue about why we feel the way we feel; why things feel wrong and out of balance. We can trust it and let it guide us through whatever process we are going through and not ignore it. When we ignore the inner voice we put ourselves in a vulnerable situation where the "brick" is not far from falling upon us.

Pay attention, and trust it - It will lead you right!

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