Web traffic is the lifeblood of any website, and you need it to survive. While you can go the free route with article marketing and doing SEO, you could do that for years and years and, at best, get a mediocre ranking for a good or somewhat good keyword. That's why most of the big online marketers don't bother with SEO, they instead place their money and energy into buying traffic and alternative advertising. We Guarantee You Traffic is a provider of such traffic, but will they work for your website? Read this review and find out.

We Guarantee You Traffic offers many bonuses and extras when you pay, and honestly they are worth more than the asking price for the main offers, but they offer two main services: traffic and solo ads. Both of these services, which will be covered in more detail below, are very effective for bringing in more people.

Your website needs traffic to survive. No one will buy products or click on ads if you aren't getting traffic, and some new website owners tend to forget this fact. They think that if they build the website, then they will start making money. This service provider is the link you need to a massive wave of traffic without putting in months of work with SEO and marketing.

Direct Traffic
What exactly is direct traffic? That means that you are getting traffic to come directly to your website. There are many ways of doing this, but most traffic services use a middleman to segue these people from their websites to your own. We Guarantee You Traffic uses pop-under ads.

These are similar to pop-up ads, but much less annoying and actually effective. Pop-up ads are annoying, irritating and few people actually stay on the website. A pop-under ad appears when someone goes to a website, but it appears under the main browser window. This means that the person can look at your website when he or she wants to. This might seem like a small difference, but it has been shown to have a much better traffic retention rate than pop-ups.

You are able to buy 10,000 guaranteed, targeted visitors for $199. Some providers sell you untargeted visitors, meaning that the people coming to your website may not care about what you are selling. Targeted traffic means that the people are coming from a related website, so they care about your product.

For example, say you are trying to sell flowers. We Guarantee You Traffic would siphon people from related websites to your flowers website, and this will increase the chances of you converting the traffic.

The traffic is very reliable from this provider, and it will be delivered quickly so that you get the best benefits now.

Solo Ads
Only a few of the top Internet marketers have really seen the power in solo ads. A solo ad is when your message is sent out to a large mailing list. Only your ad is featured in the message, so there is no chance of you having to compete with another company to get buyers.

The power of solo ads comes from the fact that you are the only company featured in the ad, and the people being emailed your message trust the service provider. We Guarantee You Traffic will email your list out to 157,000 to 500,000 readers, depending on which package you buy.

Solo ads have a very high conversion, and you can typically get at least a few very good sales out of one of these packages.

Final Verdict
Though they only offer two main services, you can definitely increase your profit and your Web presence with direct traffic or solo ads. Unlike many similar providers, all of the traffic you get here is from real people and not bots. If you are tired of making just a few sales a month, or if you want to bring your business to the next level, then try We Guarantee You Traffic.

The traffic they deliver is buyer traffic that is targeted to your niche, and the solo ads build trusting relationships that can bring you sales for years and years. Try this provider, and you are sure to be happy with their service. Not only that, but you get a ton of bonuses like classified ads, automated follow ups and visitors that are guaranteed to stay on your website for at least 30 seconds.

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Internet marketing entrepreneur with 20 years experience. A retired restauranteur Michael choose the internet as a means of supplementing his income. After realizing how many others were trying to break into internet marketing, Michael decided to lend a helping hand to others looking to make a mark in the internet world. www.WeGuaranteeYouTraffic.com