I'm a world-class violin player. I make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year playing in public shows that get massive audiences and rave reviews. I stay in the finest hotels, hob-knob with some of by far the most talented folks on the planet and I'm frequently asked to play solo on soundtracks for smash hit A-list movies. I owe all of these achievements to neuro linguistic programming.

At one time, not so very long ago, I had such terrible stage fear that I'd just freeze up on stage. My fingers would not move on the strings. Even when I did find a way to squeal out a handful of notes my playing was rote, rigid and rushed. I could not wait to get through playing the masterpiece so I could run from the stage.

I am not sure where this fear came from as it hit me in my late thirties after I stumbled upon some concerns in my romantic endeavors and with my overall health. For a few reason, these situations in my private life that were not related to my professional life appeared to affect my self-confidence. I was OK playing with a handful of buddies as well as in an orchestra but when I hit my 40's I couldn't find the courage to step on the stage. Regrettably playing the masterpieces looking at big audiences is where all of the earnings and fame emanates from if you're a violin player.

I enrolled in a neuro linguistic programming study course because I was told that it was like “getting the owner’s manual” for the brain. That created quite a lot of sense to me since the worry of playing on stage felt like my mind was out of control and I had forgotten how to find the switch that would turn off my fear of standing on a stage facing a whole lot of people.

Not only did neuro linguistic programming remedy my stage fright it also helped me really feel much more optimistic and driven to go after the things I had often wished to have in life. For instance I uwanted to own my own private island on Lake St. Joseph within the Muskokas in Canada and now I do. Actually, I hold exclusive live shows for the celebs that reside around there for a wonderful fee.

Becoming wealthy has also allowed me to do something that I always wanted to do and that's give something back to the planet. Because of neuro linguistic programming I've become the type of achiever that is in a position to assist those a less fortunate than myself. Nothing feels better than having a gala charity performance with some of my fellow musicians where all the money would go to a good cause.

This kind of self-help plan can help remedy your fears, raise you up psychologically and emotionally and help you generally preserve exploring on the way towards your most much-loved objectives.

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