This is about investing in yourself. You can work network marketing in the most modern fashion and take the industry by storm. Almost all of the top professions require you to take continuing education courses and this industry is no different simply because the best way to work your business is online and the landscape is constantly changing in this environment.

There are 5 must haves for every network marketing business to succeed and there is one solution that provides the answer to them all. Proper training for modern marketing answers these five necessities so logically that you are spinning wheels without the system that provides this training. It is amazing how anyone ever succeeded without it.
There are many MLM companies and many systems out there and almost all of them will work as long as you do the work. Of course, the better the system, the better the results. But no system will work if you don't commit to it and give it a fair shake.
For building an MLM business, it is only natural to want to use one of the most modern, effective, customizable, and diverse systems you can find.
If your sponsor is teaching you to use your "warm list" and home presentations and hotel meetings or the three foot rule, you need to understand that these methods were developed back in the 70"s, when there was no Internet.
These methods will work, but only for about 3 to 5% of those who use them. It usually takes years to build a business this way, and when you hear of someone who had seemingly an overnight success in a business, the majority of those people worked for years in other network marketing companies and had a network already built up.
But now we have the Internet and it doesn't have to take that long . Those paltry numbers are starting to turn around for lots of people. You do not have to have a salesman type personality and years of effort to quickly build an MLM business.
Using those old methods forced those who used them to deal with 5 huge problems.
1. Rejection
2. Need more leads
3. Need more money
4. Duplication
5. Retention
All of these problems are solved by one simple solution. Proper marketing training. THAT IS IT! If you have the proper training that teaches you how to utilize the latest marketing methods and techniques, you can solve all of the problems that most network marketers face every day.
The proper training will show you how to position yourself where those who are interested in your product or opportunity can find you. Then rejection goes out the window because your prospects came looking for you. How are they going to reject you when you knew how to get out in front of their search and answer their questions?
The lack of leads problem is gone too because you are using the Internet where millions of people are searching every day. If your training shows you how to position yourself where you can be found on the Internet, how can you find a better source?
The need more money problem is solved by your training when you learn about services and products that make your job easier. When you share these resources with your prospects and they are helpful, then those prospects will buy them and, since they are affiliates, you will earn a commission from each one.
The simple answer to the lack of duplication is solved when you understand that once you learned how to utilize your system, you can teach that. The proof that it works is that you used it to be found.
Retention goes hand in hand with duplication because if you show others how to build their business and get them to profit quickly, how are they going quit when they are making money?
There are 3 principles to understand about success in this industry. The first is attraction marketing. This is all about providing value. If you invest in yourself and become a student of the industry and then share what you learned freely, this is tremendous value and builds respect and trust. People do business with other people who they like and trust, and people join people, they do not join companies.
The second is about marketing. Your product does not matter as much as you think it does. Think about that! I have proof. Irrefutable proof. Think McDonalds. Could you make a better burger than McDonalds? Of COURSE you can! Use a better quality of beef, add some spices or some onions and (or) bell peppers, whatever you like, cook it on a charcoal grill. It would not be hard to make a better burger. What they are awesome at is marketing. Nobody does that better. That right there tells you that the product does not matter. A killer marketing plan with a mediocre product will always outsell a killer product with a mediocre marketing plan.
The same goes for your marketing system. A great marketing system using the Internet will always beat an old, worn out, offline marketing system.
The third principle I want to share with you is about focus and goals. You need to clearly define your goals. Decide what you want and that you will not take no for a answer. By that I mean that if you need to learn new skills and leave your comfort zone, then do it. That is what it takes.
Every time you contact a lead you must remember that this is your chance to make a difference in their lives. The only way to do that is to get past their resistance to change. Having people find you on the Internet is so strong that over half the job of the old school marketer is already done. When your prospect sees an opportunity that seems too good to be true, or it does not fit their comfort zone, they will either pass or sign up and quickly drop out. Only when you can help others visualize the end result will they join you and make a commitment. Once they have done that it is up to you to help them learn the skills they need to work your system and to succeed and realize their dreams.

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