There are many challenges for the corporate executives and for the sponsors who sign them up into network marketing. Those challenges must be recognized and dealt with early if both the sponsor and the former corporate executive want success in this industry. These are two completely different industries and they each have their own roads to success.

With all the layoffs and downsizing going on there are more and more CE,s (corporate executives) entering network marketing everyday. One drawback is that the low productivity of their management styles can damage others and in network marketing there are no undeserved incomes. I say undeserved incomes and low productive management styles because these are some of the causes of corporate failure.
Jokes usually have an element of truth. This is no joke to Americans but it is used in other countries. It goes something like this. If US corporations can simply lay off managers and executives to increase their profits, what have those managers been doing for all these years? And the punch line is, They have been going to meetings to talk about having more meetings and writing memos about more memos on the way.
There are many Americans that worked hard to earn their MBA's and then paid their dues for years to be promoted into management, only to find that they are not being very productive. There are some that assume huge responsibilities but the joke above and the fact that corporations on Wall street do downsize prove that most don't. This downsizing has flooded the unemployment ranks and this is a major reason why MLM's are getting better reputations.
It also is a major reason that trend predictors are calling for the MLM ranks to explode over the next decade. While these executives are well trained, competent, polished professionals and they carry with them a huge asset, respect, the traditional business methods will not work in MLM. The major difference is that meetings and memos can not build a network marketing business. MLM industry leaders build by example and that means getting in the trenches and leading their team by recruiting. They can not sign a few reps up and expect those people to build their business for them. They have to keep recruiting and educate their team on methods that they can prove by doing it.
The two main challenges of the CE's as they try their hand at network marketing are A= Since they have lost a lot of prestige and benefits like income, cars, trips, and other perks they may be desperate to get those back and B= Network marketing is a business without managers so they will not be able to transfer their management strategies from traditional business into this industry no matter how much conviction they have.
CE's carry with them a wealth of education, experience and expertise and most sponsors will be tempted to listen to their advice. The respect that CE's command will often intimidate their sponsors and that may sidetrack both their downline and upline by trying to incorporate their traditional business management styles and tools into our industry, even though it is detrimental.
No matter your background, you must not assume that a CE, even a big hitter, knows more about this industry than you. You must take control and show them exactly how different these industries are.
A lot of former CE's are disgusted about their departure from traditional business, and as a sponsor, you have to concentrate your energy on the ones who seriously want to change and are at the right time in their careers to join MLM.
These are very smart people who know how to do research. A sponsors job is to quickly provide the information and resources for that research so the CE's can make a decision. It will go one of three ways. 1. ready to begin now 2. not the right time (just follow up in 6 months) 3. not for them
All new distributors and especially CE's must first learn that the road to success in this industry is with product usage, prospecting and recruiting. Meetings and memos are time wasters and offices and charts are money wasters.
Another huge difference in these industries is that traditional businesses encourage people to stress their strong points and accomplishments and network marketers teach you to use that too, but also to share your vulnerabilities and failures, which led you to this industry. Telling your personal story helps other people to relate and can open more doors for you.
Network marketing does not work when you try to delegate responsibilities. It only works when you lead by example. Building an organization of people who use and share products and their business building methods and then teaching others your system is what will build a residual income.
Emotional challenges like a lowered self image will plague CE's who leave traditional businesses for MLM full time. Many part timers will worry about their bosses reactions and their spouses skepticism but, especially during the early stages, they must keep a positive attitude.
Single women have even greater challenges because they may be struggling to build their own MLM but also have other demands as wives, mothers, and female executives. They have to remember that even with even just average skills, if they have a strong drive, they can have great achievements.
Network marketing can and will change many lives once they discover that most importantly this is a business of personal growth and development.
And lastly, a big difference from the corporate world is that in MLM there is no threat to your job or position from your team as long as you edify and exalt your downline. Clinging  possessively to your methods and strategies will never lead to success. The road to success in this industry leads through GIVING the business to others.
There are lots of people who have tried and failed network marketing in the past and there is a fair number of these people that have since gone on to be quite successful in traditional business. A lot of those who have failed were handicapped from the start of their MLM careers simply because they were not taught effective strategies. Now they don’t think it will work and they badmouth the whole industry and, since they are successful in their traditional businesses, they have gained a lot of respect and are looked up to. That means that there are some very influential people out there with the wrong idea about this industry.
In defense, you must think about it logically. The ONLY way to be successful in this industry is to help other people become successful and the leaders are the ones that help the most people. Now, how in the world can any industry be bad that only works when you help others?


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