Buying a star might sound like a whimsical dream of a bygone era, but in reality, it is still very much a possibility. The age-old practice of buying and naming a star after a loved one has been closed to the general public since the early 80s. However, you can still purchase a star for someone and even have it registered. The process is not complex, but it does require some know-how, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to buying a star.

Understanding the Different Types of Star Registrations

There are two main types of star registrations: one is symbolic, while the other is scientific. Symbolic star registrations are more common and are done for the purpose of sentimental value. Scientific star registrations involve actual astronomy, whether the physical characteristics or location of the star are made evident. Before you buy a star, decide which kind of registration is right for you.

Research Your Options

There are multiple star registration companies online and offline, but you need to be careful while choosing one. Do your research through customer reviews and independent, authoritative sources. Ensure that the company you choose registers the stars or issues certificates that are unique to each customer. Also, ensure the company has been operational for a while and verify their registration process.

Choose a Naming Style

Once you've found a reputable company, decide on the style of naming you want. Most companies will allow you to choose a name for the new star, and this could depend on the registry. Some registries allow you to choose your name, while others may have restrictions, such as not using the name of a famous person. Some companies also offer constellation or memorial naming rather than individual star naming.

Consider the Presentation Package

Most star registry companies offer an extensive array of presentation packages for gift purposes. Presentation packages can range from certificates to astrological charts, not to mention the various gift items like jewelry, telescope viewing, books, and mini-constellations. When selecting a presentation package, weigh in on just how important the gift will be for the recipent. You can pick a basic package or a much more involved collection of mementos.

Register the Star

After you have decided on the naming style and completed the presentation package, it is time to register the star. Go through the star registration company’s registration procedure carefully and fill out all the necessary information. The company will then notify you of acceptance and give you a registration reference number, which you can use to verify the star registration procedure.


Buying a star is a unique, timeless gift that commemorates a person or event, but the process can be daunting. It takes research and a bit of time to get it right, but if you follow the steps outlined here, you can make the best of your star registration experience. From choosing a reputable, customer-approved star registry to being aware of your naming options, once you have the necessary knowledge, you can make an informed purchase and have the perfect gift to last a lifetime.

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There are two main types of star registrations: one is symbolic, while the other is scientific.